Hairball Fix: Laxatone Tuna Flavor

Hairballs can be a real problem especially during spring time as many cats shed their thick winter coats. Hairballs can be a real pain to deal with but fortunately there are solutions such as Laxatone!

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While some cats stick to a short manageable coat throughout the year, others do display a marked difference between their thick warm winter coat and a shorter, slimmer-looking, summer version.

As individual hairs loosen up at the follicles, they become more likely to be swept up by the cat’s tongue during her daily self-grooming rituals. Feline tongues are covered with miniscule barbs that take in whatever gets entangled in them, be that water, food or hair. As the hair gets ingested it needs to get out in some way or form because it cannot be broken up by the digestive system. The result? Kitty is faced with a nagging ball of hair, stuck somewhere along her esophagus which she will try to bring up and throw up.

Watching a cat gag on a hairball isn’t a pretty site even though the process is usually harmless. The problem is these balls don’t always get out as they’re supposed to and so dedicated owners need to lend a helping hand.

One of the ways with which an owner can combat hairballs is by adding a touch of lubrication to a cat’s diet. The lubricant helps soften the hairballs and make them move throughout the digestive tract all the way to the end by which they are deposited in the litterbox. This is exactly what Laxatone does.

An ounce of prevention is key here and no, there’s no need to provide an entire once all at once 😉 A dab of this wonderful stuff is all it takes. This variety of Laxatone is tuna-flavored and most cats crave it as a treat. For those who are less enthusiastic, you can just place that dab on the tip of their nose or on a paw, for them to lick it off as they groom.

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