HomeoPet Travel Anxiety

Traveling can be a stressful experience for many cats. In fact, I suspect our own anxiety over the procedure may be rubbing off on the felines, but in this post, I’d like to introduce a natural homeopathic remedy for the cats:

“Travel Anxiety” as the name suggests is intended for treating the stress and fearful reactions of traveling. It’s for dogs and cats, and is said to help with motion sickness as well.

Now, you may not be a fan of homeopathy, but many cat owners report success with using these treatments. Again, it is more than possible that the owner’s own relief at providing some sort of help for a distressed animal is at play here. Does it really matter though? If it helps sooth the nerves of your cat without the side-effects of sedatives, why not give it a try?

Priced at under $10, you may want to keep this one in your medicine cabinet and have it ready for that next trip to the vet’s.

Click here for the product page on Amazon

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