How To Feed Small Amounts Multiple Times A Day Without A Hassle

Cats have evolved to hunt mice and small birds. Their natural prey comes in small quantities and they were supposed to keep hunting several times a day in order to get enough calories and nutrients. The odd fat rat may have come their way, but generally speaking it would have been small mice, and even bugs. That’s portion control for you – much smaller portions than the average meal a cat owner provides at home.

Most of us don’t bother with filling a food dish more than twice a day and some owners even feed just once a day. When dry cat food is concerned, some cats tend to have their own version of portion control: They approach their food dish several times a day and nibble on a handful of kibble. The rest stays in the dish and is likely to go stale during the day. That’s why come evening time, your cat may start asking for more food, even if there’s still some in the bowl. Other cats don’t even bother with pacing their eating. They hoover up their food and then vomit, or just become overweight. Either way, it’s far from ideal.

Ideally, you should be dividing your cat’s daily allowance of food into 8-12 smaller portions. But who’s got the time and patience to do that, you ask? Nobody. Or almost nobody. Which is why this nifty automatic feeder by PetSafe is so great –


It’s made with slow feeding in mind. You have total portion control and can set it up to dispense anything from 1/4 of a cup to 4 cups at once and you can program the feeding schedule to anything you want it to be. You decide when Kitty gets a mouse, or a mouse-sized meal 😉

But wait, there’s more! This wonderful machine has a unique “slow feed” mode. That’s perfect for those cats that tend to hoover up their food, only to vomit everything a few minutes later. With the “slow feed” settings, a meal gets dispensed very gradually and slowly, a few pieces of kibble at a time, over a period of 15 minutes. That’s just perfect for dealing with gobbler!

Check it out on Amazon for the full specs and to make your order. It really is a great option for improving your cat’s eating habits!


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