How to improve your cat’s dental health with Greenies

Has anyone ever told you that dry food (kibble) cleans your cat’s teeth? Well, turns as it turns out it doesn’t. You can read more about it in this article: Does Dry Food Actually Clean Your Cat’s Teeth?

However, while generic dry food doesn’t do much for dental health, specifically formulated dental foods and treats can. The ones that do have an official “seal of approval” from The Veterinary Oral Health Council. While these products won’t necessarily replace proper oral hygiene or dental care, they can help reduce the layer of tartar which otherwise accumulates on your cat’s teeth.

For cats, the most popular option is probably the Greenies dental treats:


As you can see, the package proudly presents the VOHC seal, stating that these treats have been approved for tartar control. The unique shape and texture of these treats mean that they gently file away excess tartar and plaque, for healthier teeth and gums. Made with added vitamins, minerals and taurine, they also give Kitty a nice nutritional boost.

As with all treats, make sure you don’t overfeed. Greenies are yummy and most cats love getting their daily dose of dental care with them but the bottom line is that these are treats and should not contribute too many calories to your cat’s overall diet. The good news is that they have less than 2 calories per treat, so feeding 5-10 of these a day is fine. Just calculate them into your cat’s daily treats allowance, and not as food, and you should be ok.

Remember to regularly check your cat’s teeth. Contact your veterinarian if you notice any of the following –

  • cavities or caries
  • loose teeth
  • bad breath
  • reddened or swollen gums

Each of these could be symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease, or they could be the first indications of other kinds of health problems. They should be evaluated by a veterinarian and treated.

If your cat is diabetic, elderly or has existing dental issues, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to his or her nutrition, including with treats. If Kitty is healthy and you just want to pamper her with a healthy treat that’s approved by veterinary dental specialist, just click here and order your packet of feline Greenies treats!

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