How to Memorialize a Cat – Saying Goodbye in a Meaningful Way

Guest Post by Pets to Rest

Many people are not sure of how to memorialize their beloved cat. If you have lost a cat that you loved and cherished, you want to say goodbye in a loving, meaningful way. For some people, pets are simply animals; for others, they become a member of the family that is loved and treated with Cat Cremation Urnsspecial care. Sometimes we talk to them as if they understand our problems or thoughts, other times they are simply there to keep us company while we sleep or watch a movie. This article describes how to memorialize a cat in your own special way; there are many ways this can be done, and you will feel that you have paid tribute to your cat with the ultimate in love and respect, helping you to begin the healing process.

Always remember, when it comes to how to memorialize a cat there are no “rules”. Simply do what feels right and comfortable for you, and helps you best cope with your grief.

One fitting way to pay tribute to your friend is to have him/her cremated, then place the ashes in a cat urn for burial in a special place in your yard; you might also want to use a decorative urn that you can display in your home. Most pets have a special place in the yard where they loved to soak up the sun, or even a garden they enjoyed playing in. You may want to place a marker with your pets name or a special saying near the area where the ashes are buried.

If you’re artistic or know someone who is, have a charcoal drawing or even an oil painting created. Most people who are talented in this area can create a beautiful rendition simply from photo’s you have taken of your cat.

Create a picture album especially for the memory of your cat. You may have lots of photo’s around the house, in drawers, or even in the family album. Use these in a special album dedicated to the memory of your pet, and include notes under each picture describing the day and what you remember most about it.

Donate to an animal shelter in your cat’s name.

Memorialize your cat with pet cremation jewelry. This jewelry is designed in a variety of styles, from simple wood creations or crystals to sterling silver cylinders with little “paw print” decorations. Some look like regular jewelry you would wear, made in heart-shaped or cross designs. This jewelry can beCat Urns worn so that you always feel close to your cat, or you can display it along side a few of your pets favorite toys.

These are just a few ideas on choosing a cat memorial. Just remember, do whatever you feel offers you the most comfort and pays tribute to your cat in a respectful, loving manner.

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