How to Win a Collector’s Heart with a Cat

Well, yes, if said collector is also a cat lover, it can be easy enough, with more than one option. The one this post is about definitely is a winner:

A real Lenox fine china vase, beautifully detailed and trimmed with 24-carat gold. More importantly, it features a sweet little ivory cat, holding up the case as if it were a ball of yarn. The design is delicate yet whimsical, measuring 6.5 inches in height and 5 inches in base width.

Not only is the vase decorated with bas-relief flowers, but it also comes with the faux silk bouquet. It is beautiful, a work of art, and a classic by Lenox, making it a unique item for any china collector, or, even better, a collector of feline-themed decor items.

I know it looks expensive, but check out the price and details on Amazon – the affordability really struck me with this one. Who would have thought this lovely item will be available at under $30?? Hurry up though, the price is right for the day of posting, and they only have four of these vases left. Great gift for the Holidays!

Click for more details and price

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