Keep Cool in Summer with the Coolaroo Pet Bed

Most pet beds are designed to convey a sense of warmth. They look like all you want to do is get yourself to cat size and snuggle inside that fluffy, soft cave. Hopefully, they’d make your pet feel the same way. Of course, that’s the desired effect during cold winter days and nights, but what about hot summer days?

What about those days when you and your cat seek out the coolest spots in your home? Well, this bed can at least help the cat:

This beautifully simple bed, The Coolaroo Pet Bed, is made of unique knitted fabric that maintains its appealing coolness even on hot days, unaffected by temperature extremes around it. It is durable enough for outdoor use, so can be great for your cat enclosure outside, keeping a fresh look with its built-in resistance to sun radiation as well as mold and mildew. The fabric is easy to wash, even hose if necessary and the entire bed is sturdy enough to be used by a medium-sized dog even, so expect to be using this one for years to come.

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