Kitten Formula – Time to Stock Up on KMR

March is soon upon us, and in some areas that means the beginning of the dreaded kitten season. “Dread” may not be the word you expect to hear in connection with sweet kittens, but for rescuers who have to deal with the results of irresponsible cat owners these times can become very taxing. So, better late than never, folks, please spay and neuter your cats.

Taking care of an orphan kitten is always a challenge. The younger the kitten, the harder it gets, and the lower are the chances for its survival. If you happen to find an orphaned kitten, you should locate a nearby experienced rescuer and either hand the kitten over, or follow her or his guidance. A good online guide can be found here:

One thing you simply have to provide a small kitten with is proper nutrition. At an early age, the only thing that will do is a complete and balanced milk replacer for kittens. Never provide a kitten with cow milk.

Rescuers and those providing foster homes for young kittens, had better stock up on this 5lbs bucket of KMR powder. KMR is a leading manufacturer of kitten formula, and they have been around for years. It gives you good value for money, since you’re buying a fairly large quantity.

If you’re just worried about coming across one or two kittens and needing a quick fix before you can get a more stable supply, the Ready-to-feed KMR bottle is just what you need. This 2 oz bottle is all ready to use, just place the nipple on the bottle and feed. This little bottle could be the difference between life and death to some kitty, so I highly recommend having one or two stored away in your home.

The next product is intended for older kittens, so no emergency here! It’s basically a fully balanced, complete formula for the next stage of feeding – weaning off the bottle and moving to solid foods. You don’t need a bottle for this – you serve it up in a bowl, allowing the kittens to learn how to feed on their own. Read the KMR guidelines for when to use 2nd Step (available here on the product page), and help your kittens move on to proper kitten food easily.

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