Smart Pet Love Snuggle Kitty Behavioral Aid Toy for Pets

Kitten Season Special: The Snuggle Kitty

If you are involved in rescue you know the list of items needed for caring for orphaned kittens. Other than the KMR, eye dropper or kitten bottle and kitchen scales, you may already have this brilliant item: The Snuggle Kitty.

It looks like a plush toy for kids but in fact it’s a valuable aid in caring for orphan kittens. It’s not only soft but warm as well, with an internal heat pack that stays warm for up to 24 hours. What’s more, it has its own heart! Battery-operated, it generates a constant soothing gentle beat, simulating the mother cat’s comforting presence to a heartbeat. Literally!

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It even has a place where you can place a feeding bottle but please use caution with that feature. If you’re caring for newborns, you should pay close attention to the way they take in their food. If too much is coming out they could end up inhaling the milk replacement and that could lead to deadly pneumonia.



Smart Pet Love Snuggle Kitty Behavioral Aid Toy for Pets

If you plan on being involved with fostering kittens you should order the Snuggle Kitty and have it ready. If not, consider ordering a unit or two and donating it to a local rescue. Many rescues operated networks of fostering homes and they would be thrilled with this donation. If you’re fostering yourself for the first time, please get a mentor and again, such a rescue organization is a great place to look for one. Newborn kittens are fragile beings and caring for them can be extremely challenging (and alas, not always a successful operation).

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