Kitty Snooze Den

Is there anything like an image of a sleeping cat for inducing a sense of serene peacefulness in a cat lover?

Just look at this gorgeous white beauty, snoozing away in her Snooze den, take a deep breath and relax…

cat bed
cat snooze den

Well, engaging as this pretty white kitty is, we’re here to talk about the product. A Den by name and design, it’s a sturdy tented cat bed with a cool leopard print. Nothing like those wild prints to make any residing feline show its wild ancestry; even the most pampered fancy cat gets that distinct tigerish appearance when framed with the right pattern.

What makes this into a proper den, rather than just an ordinary cat bed is the tent. Made of nylon and acrylic fleece, it’s easy to clean and lightweight. Most cats prefer the sense of security provided by this little shelter, but one word of caution: if you have a multi-cat clash on your hands, make sure you that no cat can get “trapped” inside by an intimidating rival. To achieve maximum comfort and security in this situation, set the cat den in a way that allows its inhabitant a good view of the surrounding room, so it never gets startled by an oncoming adversary.

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