Laurel Burch Decorative Pillow

If you’re looking for two matching gorgeous designer decorative pillows, here’s an awesome unique idea. Laurel Burch has three beautiful pillows in this set, two of them depicting cats (the third is horse theme, if you are an equine lover as well – you may want to add that one as well).

The first pillow displayed here is called Wild Cats and it features six enigmatic feline faces in a variety of colors, patterns and designs.

Its feline counterpart has a “softer touch”, with six domesticated kitties. They are just as intriguing in their variety of patterns and shades though.

cat pillow

Both pillows are oblong in shape and sized 13 x 24″. They feature high quality embroidery that will last for generations with the right care. The Santa Fe style is great for any room, adding a special American touch to your living room or bedroom.

You can get each one separately, or buy a pair here on Amazon. They make a gorgeous gift as well, to any cat lover, and if you buy the pair, shipping is free! Click here now for more details on this decorative item.

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