Let the Cats Hop and The Neighbors’ Jaws Drop

As soon as I laid eyes on this, the Cosmic Cat condo, I knew it had to be featured here on CatsGoShopping! Just look at this awesome image:


Ok, so you don’t have to have that many kitties in your household (12 in this image – I counted!) to enjoy this absolute masterpiece of cat furniture.  Here are three good reasons to get this model right into your living quarters:

  1. It’s solid and stable – cats LOVE a solid place to climb on – as good as a real tree. It would be the perfect place for your cats to take a nap, exercise or claw at.
  2. It offers a multitude of niches and spots in three different levels, so that each one of your cats will find his or her place. With so many places to explore, you are encouraging your cats to stay active too.
  3. It has the most amazing design, with sleek round lines and a touch of modern design that is not often seen in cat trees and condos. It’s also available in a multitude of carpeting colors. Choose from classic beige or gray, or go crazy and light up your living room with bright red, turquoise, or purple!

And no… it’s not cheap, but consider this one an investment in your multi-cat household. The Cosmic Cat Condo will more than pay off in the long run. This condo it will become the central piece of furniture in your home decor, and the main item of conversation on your street!

Click Here to order your own customized Cosmic Tree Condo

So, what do you think? How would this item look in your living room? Which color would you choose? Take a look at the color list and post a comment here – I’m curious!

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