The Door Teaser for Cats

My cats are suckers for aerial moving objects. They love pom poms too, whether on the ground or in the air. The Omega Door Teaser is the perfect toy that combines both!

This colorful pom pom dangles from an elastic band that’s attached to the door frame. The unpredictable motion is triggered every time a cat pounces at the little ball… only to lead to more excited jumps and pouncing around. It’s a great way to get Kitty to exercise and hey, actually not so bad for your house decor now with the Holidays arriving 😉

As always, make sure the game is varied. Switch the teaser between doors, to create an element of surprise. When your cats get tired, you may want to dismantle the whole thing and store the toy away until next time.

Affordable and unique – it’s a great little gift for the Holidays for any cat or cat lover. Click here for the special price offered in Amazon for this item.

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