The Pet Cam: Keep An Eye On Kitty When You’re Away

Are you away from home most of the day? Worried about what Kitty might be up to? Or just want to stay in touch? The Vimtag VT-361 surveillance camera comes to the rescue! It can be your eyes and voice at home while you’re away!


The Vimtag is one of the most popular models available and for good reason. It’s affordable and costs less than similar cameras yet provides you with the ultimate user experience. Installation is a breeze and you don’t even need a computer to run this gadget. It connects to your smartphone and lets you do everything through its app.

What does “everything” include? Here are some of its features and how they can help you take better care of your cat.

  1. Easy access from your smartphone. You can view your cat no matter where you are. As long as you have your phone with you and access to the internet, you can view the life feed and fully control the camera.
  2. Zoom-in abilities. What does Kitty hold in her mouth right now? Should you go into panic mode or is it just her toy mouse? Zoom in to see and magnify the image as much as four times its original size!
  3. Tilt controls. Has Kitty moved out of sight? Tilt the camera to scan the room! It has a span of 320 by 120 degrees to cover every corner of the room.
  4. High-resolution. This means you get more details, even when you zoom in.
  5. Night vision. Day or night, you can tell what’s going on. It’s a great way to monitor and see what your cat is doing while you’re asleep…
  6. Listen and talk! You can hear your cat and what’s more, you can talk to her! What a great way to strengthen your bond even when you’re away from home!
  7. Motion detection. Need to see how often your cat frequents the litterbox? No problem. Set an alert to beep when the motion sensor detects Kitty.
  8. Record and playback later. There’s an SD memory slot in the camera which you can use to store the footage. You can tape your cat for several hours without monitoring and then sit down to watch it when you have the time. This is an important feature for anyone trying to capture a specific behavior to show to their veterinarian.

There’s even more features and you can read the full specs here on their Amazon page. Users say the camera was very easy to install and they had it running in five minutes. What a wonderful way to be with your cat. Even when you’re not there.


Give Kitty Extra Leg Room In The Carrier!

Ok, so leg room is for us humans during long flights. In this case, it’s leg room, or tailroom or any other part of the cat’s body room 😉

It’s simple an ingenious idea. Why settle for the size of a cat carrier? It can get crowded in there. Sure, sometimes you need all four solid walls for extra security, but at other times, you can turn this amazing carrier into “relaxed mode”, and open up one of the sides without putting your cat at any risk. That side is equipped with a mesh cover which turns it into a small tent. More room and a more airy feeling for the small passenger inside –


There are even more good reasons to invest in this elegant cat carrier. The designers really know cats and cat owner and thought about all the little things –

  1. It comes in several sizes, the largest of which is 48cm x 30cm x 30cm.
  2. The mesh allows for great ventilation.
  3. You can carry it with its strong handle or using the shoulder strap.
  4. It has not one but two zipper doors, for ease of access.
  5. It has small side pockets where you can store things you need for the ride.
  6. It comes with a removable plush mat. Soft to lay on and easy to remove for cleaning.
  7. It’s easy to store, as it collapses to a flat storage mode.
  8. It’s very pretty!

This is a high-end cat carrier that gets great reviews on Amazon. It could be a perfect travel solution for your pampered cat! Check it out here.

How To Feed Small Amounts Multiple Times A Day Without A Hassle

Cats have evolved to hunt mice and small birds. Their natural prey comes in small quantities and they were supposed to keep hunting several times a day in order to get enough calories and nutrients. The odd fat rat may have come their way, but generally speaking it would have been small mice, and even bugs. That’s portion control for you – much smaller portions than the average meal a cat owner provides at home.

Most of us don’t bother with filling a food dish more than twice a day and some owners even feed just once a day. When dry cat food is concerned, some cats tend to have their own version of portion control: They approach their food dish several times a day and nibble on a handful of kibble. The rest stays in the dish and is likely to go stale during the day. That’s why come evening time, your cat may start asking for more food, even if there’s still some in the bowl. Other cats don’t even bother with pacing their eating. They hoover up their food and then vomit, or just become overweight. Either way, it’s far from ideal.

Ideally, you should be dividing your cat’s daily allowance of food into 8-12 smaller portions. But who’s got the time and patience to do that, you ask? Nobody. Or almost nobody. Which is why this nifty automatic feeder by PetSafe is so great –


It’s made with slow feeding in mind. You have total portion control and can set it up to dispense anything from 1/4 of a cup to 4 cups at once and you can program the feeding schedule to anything you want it to be. You decide when Kitty gets a mouse, or a mouse-sized meal 😉

But wait, there’s more! This wonderful machine has a unique “slow feed” mode. That’s perfect for those cats that tend to hoover up their food, only to vomit everything a few minutes later. With the “slow feed” settings, a meal gets dispensed very gradually and slowly, a few pieces of kibble at a time, over a period of 15 minutes. That’s just perfect for dealing with gobbler!

Check it out on Amazon for the full specs and to make your order. It really is a great option for improving your cat’s eating habits!


Jim Shore Patriotic Cat Figurines!

Are you a cat figurine collection? If so, you know these names well: Enesco and Jim Shore.

With the 4th Of July around the corner, now’s a great time to order a patriotic addition to your collection! Here are three beautiful Jim Shore designs that show your love for cats AND for your country!

  1. Freedom Fur-Ever:


This design shows a cat proudly holding flag. It’s part of the Heartwood Creek collection by Jim Shore and is made from quality stone resin. It’s approx. 5.75 inches tall (15cm) and made by Enesco. Click to see it on Amazon and order your own.

2. Stars And Stripes Forever

saluting-cat-figurineThis rather plump kitty is holding a flag and saluting at the same time. It stands 6.5 inches tall and it’s an original Jim Shore figurine made by Enesco. Click to see it on Amazon and order.

3. A Jim Shore Patriotic Hanging Ornament

patriotic-cat-ornamentThis figurine is actually a hanging ornament. At just under 4 inches it’s smaller and is meant to be hung on your door or anywhere else in your house or car. If you really want to show off your love for cats and country, you could even wear it to the parade! Click to see it on Amazon and order.

All three figurines are classics. They are all part of the Heartwood Creek collection by Enesco and are made with great attention to detail. These collectibles will only rise in value over the years and can become wonderful family heirlooms. What a beautiful way to create a family heritage by passing on your pride in your country and your love for cats to future generations!

How to naturally remove tear stains from under your cat’s eyes?

Tear stains are the bane of Persian cats and exotic cats. They are not pretty. They make your cat look sick and unwell even though Kitty just has issues with tear drainage that are typical of the breed.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. A natural tear stain remover by Paw Choice.


tear-stain-removerIt’s made of natural ingredients, specifically purified water, coconut oil and plant-derived glycerin. This gentle formula allows you to clean around the cat’s sensitive eye area. All you have to do is shake the bottle, spray a little bit of the liquid on a clean cloth or cotton ball and then very gently wipe the area. You should wipe away from the eye and make sure not to touch the eyes themselves.

Click to order the Paw Choice Natural Tear Stain Remover from Amazon

If your cat isn’t a Persian or Exotic (shorthaired Persian) and you’re seeing tear stains you should talk to your vet about it. You can could have a medical problem with tear drainage that needs addressing (it’s called epiphora in vet lingo).

Read more about tear stains in cats, what causes them and how to treat and prevent the situation.


Sassy Cat-Themed Frame: Show Off Your Kitty!

Looking for a unique, personal and affordable gift for a cat lover? Or it could be for yourself too. Here’s a terrific idea! Print out a photo of your cat (or your friend’s cat – she probably has tons of them on her Facebook or Instagram accounts!) and place it in this elegant picture frame that tells the world out loud just how you feel about your Kitty!


This frame is literally pawesome by which I mean to say it is covered with paw marks. I love this elegant design in black on metal and I love the statement even more. What a great thing to have in your office or home!

If you have more than one cat, a collage made of several of these frames works really well. They’re very affordable at under $10 a piece. Each can hold 5 x 3.5 inches (13 x 9 cm) picture and its actual dimensions are 5.5 x 5.25 inches (14 x 13.25cm).

It’s a gift that takes some planning, as you have to print out the photo as well, but that means whoever gets it knows she or he has been in your thoughts. It shows you care about them and their cat. And of course, this could absolutely be a gift for yourself! You can even tell people your furkid made this for you 😉

Click to view this cool picture frame on Amazon and order yours