cat socks

Cat Crew Cotton Socks

Cats, cats everywhere! And why not on our paws, erm, I mean feet! As cat lovers we want to see those cute whiskered faces everywhere. I know I do. There’s something about the feline face that brings a smile to my own and in the case of these soft comfy socks, the feline faces are actually smiling underneath the whiskers so it’s a double win! Smiles and purrs, right on your feet!

cat socks

These socks come in an adorable gift package. There are four pairs of them, each in a different color combination so the lucky recipient – which could absolutely be yourself – can wear a different kitty each morning and have time to machine-wash the used ones. It’s a one-size fits most deal, so women with shoes size 5-10 or men with size 5.5.-7.5 will find them comfortable and easy to wear. Being 100% cotton, these socks are perfect for everyday use, soft, light and sweat-absorbent which is great to prevent unwanted foot odor.


Fun to wear with anything informal, though I can imagine even under a very formal suit they would be lots of fun. Can you imagine your banker pulling up the pants above his ankles to reveal a pair of funny cat socks? I would seriously sign any form he’d want me too if he’s wearing those! Like a secret handshake for cat lovers 😀

Check them out on Amazon and get a package for yourself and hey, maybe one for your banker as well 😉


Kitty Crinkle Sack Cat Bed

Kitty Crinkle Sack Cat Bed

Our little felines may share a modern home with us but their heart will forever remain in the jungle. There are some mighty predators in the jungle and a sweet little kitty must have a good hiding place where she can feel safe and secure! It’s also not a bad idea to stay in your little cave to watch for small animals passing by so you might pounce one for your dinner (if you’re a cat in the imaginary jungle that is. I’m not recommending this for the humans in your household!)

In fact a kitten or a cat can feel so comfortable it a soft fluffy cat, it can make a great spot to nap in! Enter the Kitty Crinkle Sack Cat Bed!

crinkly cat bed

You may have noticed your cat trying to get into every paper bag? That’s because the crinkle of paper has a special allure. Maybe that reminds a cat of dry leaves on the floor of its cave, or I could just be stretching a metaphor here 😉 Either way, it’s obvious many cats go ga-ga for a crinkly bag. Which is why I find this crinkly cat cave/bed so awesome!

Your cat is going to love hiding in his or her own warm cave, fluffy and crinkly as it is. If you have more than one cat, you may want to order more than one of these beds. Don’t be surprised if your kitties will show little respect for ownership issues. You might find two and every three or more cats trying to squeeze into the cave all at once! The more, the merrier!

Check it out on Amazon and order one or more for your cats!


“Sorry I can’t.. I Have Plans With My Cat” T-Shirt

I’ve found the perfect gift for the introvert cat lover!

Do you know that person who prefers to spend evenings at home, enjoying a movie or a good book? The one who couldn’t care less about going out to a party? Who prefers a takeaway or a delivery over spending time in a restaurant with other people? Hey, maybe that person is you?

If you’re tired from making excuses and turning down offers from friends and family, this fantastic cat-themed tee shirt could be for you!


It’s whimsical enough not to offend anyone and celebrates our true love in life: our kitties! After all, if you have a cat, you can’t really spend an evening alone at home, can you? Kitty will be a terrific partner for watching a movie or diving into a good book!

It’s a unisex fit with “baggin fit” sleeves (folded in this photo), so pretty awesome for relaxed everyday use or even as a nightshirt. Just look at that Kitty’s face… Wouldn’t you prefer to hang out with this sweetheart over any human out there? I think I would too!

Click to see more about this shirt on Amazon and buy one for a friend (or for yourself!)

Store Cat Toys In This Elegant Wicker Basket Home Décor

Does your cat love new toys… but only new ones? Does she get all excited about a new catnip mouse only to toss it away or hide it behind the couch, never to be played with again? Read on for a solution!

Cat toys are more than just “fun”. They’re an important part of enriching your cat’s environment and making it stimulating enough for her, both physically and mentally. There are so many awesome cat toys available these days, stuffed, crinkly, laced with catnip, bouncy or tasseled. However, for some cats, even the best toy can become dull after awhile. With playtime being a form of mock hunting, a used toy is a lot like a dead body. Not even an edible body at that, so no wonder Kitty is thinking: Bo-ring!

The good news is that there’s a way to keep toys fresh in your cat’s mind. The idea is to rotate toys. Limit each specific toy’s availability by stashing them out of Kitty’s sight and reach. Have one or two toys out for a play session but once your cat tires of them, pick them up and put them back in the toy box. The following day, offer a different toy or two. Have enough toys to keep rotating them so that the same toy doesn’t go out more than once a week. The less frequent the sessions, the better.

Which brings me to today’s recommended product: A pet-themed wicker basket!

wicker pet toys and accessories storage

It’s shaped like a bone, so possibly designed with a canine in mind, but it would make a great fit for any cat owner’s home too. Let’s face it, the shape usually associated with cats is a fishbone. Not only is it unsafe for cats, you can hardly create a box shaped as one, now can you?

So, back to this bone-shaped wicker basket. It’s 24 inches in length and 9 inches tall. Large enough to hold a varied assortment of cat toys and even some treats. It has a secure lid with a latch to keep Kitty from opening it. If you use it to store catnip-scented toys or cat treats, I suggest storing it in a closet though. You don’t want a stubborn cat trying to claw his or her way in and destroying this beautiful item. Large, lightweight, easy to store in itself and perfect for storing anything pet-related, this basket gets a paws-up here!

Click to read the specs and order this on Amazon



Hairball Fix: Laxatone Tuna Flavor

Hairballs can be a real problem especially during spring time as many cats shed their thick winter coats. Hairballs can be a real pain to deal with but fortunately there are solutions such as Laxatone!

Click to read all about Laxatone and order yours on Amazon


While some cats stick to a short manageable coat throughout the year, others do display a marked difference between their thick warm winter coat and a shorter, slimmer-looking, summer version.

As individual hairs loosen up at the follicles, they become more likely to be swept up by the cat’s tongue during her daily self-grooming rituals. Feline tongues are covered with miniscule barbs that take in whatever gets entangled in them, be that water, food or hair. As the hair gets ingested it needs to get out in some way or form because it cannot be broken up by the digestive system. The result? Kitty is faced with a nagging ball of hair, stuck somewhere along her esophagus which she will try to bring up and throw up.

Watching a cat gag on a hairball isn’t a pretty site even though the process is usually harmless. The problem is these balls don’t always get out as they’re supposed to and so dedicated owners need to lend a helping hand.

One of the ways with which an owner can combat hairballs is by adding a touch of lubrication to a cat’s diet. The lubricant helps soften the hairballs and make them move throughout the digestive tract all the way to the end by which they are deposited in the litterbox. This is exactly what Laxatone does.

An ounce of prevention is key here and no, there’s no need to provide an entire once all at once 😉 A dab of this wonderful stuff is all it takes. This variety of Laxatone is tuna-flavored and most cats crave it as a treat. For those who are less enthusiastic, you can just place that dab on the tip of their nose or on a paw, for them to lick it off as they groom.

Read more about this wonderful product which so many households keep regularly on its Amazon page.

Cat activity mat

The Ripple Rug® – Cat Activity Play Mat

A rug is always attractive for cats. Nice to step onto and to claw at, it is one item of home decor you may not like having Kitty show too much interest in.

Unless it’s The Ripple Rug. These people came up with the ingenious idea to create a rug just for cats. They created a product which is the perfect outlet for the famous feline curiosity, encouraging cats of all ages to explore and play, all the while getting some well-needed physical and mental exercise.

Cat activity mat

The idea is simple – shape a set of caves and tunnels using a rug. It’s a wonderland for kitties! Just place toys and treats inside and watch your cat explore. The great thing about this activity mat is its size. It’s large enough for a cat to crawl through and really spend time engaging with the tunnels and holes. It’s large enough for Kitty to fall asleep inside of. Which would be just fine as this the thermally-insulated bottom will keep her snug and warm. This rug was created with all sorts of pets in mind, including pet rats and rabbits, so it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic and safe enough for a pet to chew on. Certainly safe enough for kitties. I like the neutral color, not only because it’s easy to match with any room decor but also because it reflects the fact that this is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles with no coloring added. Safe and eco-friendly too!

The manufacturer certainly has safety in mind. The rug was tested on cats and there are release points in place for easy separation of the top part from the bottom, just in case Kitty needs your help. Most cats won’t though, as the holes are large enough. Still, it’s always nice to have a way for the owner to get the cat right way should the need arise, and it’s nice to see a manufacturer that has safety as their main concern. No wonder The Ripple Rug gets such great reviews on Amazon!

Check out the reviews and order your Ripple Rug right here.