Curious Cat Cube

When it comes to their environment, the two things cats love the most are towers and caves. Which is why the Curious Cube is going to be an instant hit in every household that has one cat, or more. It’s just the right height for a healthy cat to jump on to, and once up there, Kitty will find the ideal space where she or he can lie down and inspect their kingdom. I wouldn’t be surprised if a nap will be next on the agenda, assuming all is well in the kingdom, of cube

Then there’s the cave.

This cube offers an ideal space for a cat cave. Large enough to turn around inside but small enough to induce a sense of safety and shelter, or in other words, of  “caveness”. It has small windows, in addition to the main entry and exit opening. These windows are perfect for providing Kitty with the ability to see any threats as they may be approaching. And by threats I mean that other cat or dog.  Alternatively, they’re perfect for reaching out with a paw, trying to swat at the attached balls.

It’s a great unit for both fun and exercise and perfect for helping relieve the confinement stress of cats kept indoors-only (as they should be!) I also like the overall design and the neutral colors. This unit can easily fit in any living room without wreaking havoc on your interior design themes. It’s also collapsible, making it easy to set up but also to store away if you want to.

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Smart Pet Love Snuggle Kitty Behavioral Aid Toy for Pets

Kitten Season Special: The Snuggle Kitty

If you are involved in rescue you know the list of items needed for caring for orphaned kittens. Other than the KMR, eye dropper or kitten bottle and kitchen scales, you may already have this brilliant item: The Snuggle Kitty.

It looks like a plush toy for kids but in fact it’s a valuable aid in caring for orphan kittens. It’s not only soft but warm as well, with an internal heat pack that stays warm for up to 24 hours. What’s more, it has its own heart! Battery-operated, it generates a constant soothing gentle beat, simulating the mother cat’s comforting presence to a heartbeat. Literally!

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It even has a place where you can place a feeding bottle but please use caution with that feature. If you’re caring for newborns, you should pay close attention to the way they take in their food. If too much is coming out they could end up inhaling the milk replacement and that could lead to deadly pneumonia.



Smart Pet Love Snuggle Kitty Behavioral Aid Toy for Pets

If you plan on being involved with fostering kittens you should order the Snuggle Kitty and have it ready. If not, consider ordering a unit or two and donating it to a local rescue. Many rescues operated networks of fostering homes and they would be thrilled with this donation. If you’re fostering yourself for the first time, please get a mentor and again, such a rescue organization is a great place to look for one. Newborn kittens are fragile beings and caring for them can be extremely challenging (and alas, not always a successful operation).

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The Prettiest Black Cat Glass Pendant Necklace

Looking for a unique gift for a cat lover? Or for yourself (after all, you are a cat lover!)?

Consider this beautiful stylish pendant which comes with its own 22 inches long chain making this into an actual necklace. It’s handpainted and then sealed with jewelry resin to create the look of a glass dome. What’s important is that within there’s a sweet little black kitty, peeking  out with a curious look on its tiny precious face. Check it out on Amazon.

Black Cat Glass Pendant

Talk about an attention grabber. Who can resist these round blue eyes? Wear this pendant only if you don’t mind people staring at the direction of your cleavage.

I love the overall design, the fact that it’s only showing half of the kitten’s face and the background has that old paper look to it. Add the color of the kitten and you’re getting a look that’s a lot more than “cute”. It’s perfect match for a gothic look but can also be worn to provide some contrast to a more cheerful outlook. After all, it is a kitten!

The reviewers on Amazon really loved this piece. They all say this pendant never fails to get noticed and generate some conversation. An awesome way to state your love for cats and in particular black cats whose mystique and cultural associations sometimes make them last in line for adoptions in shelters. Be a force for a positive change for these kitties and wear this piece of jewelry with pride or get it for a fellow black-cat-afficiando.

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Four Paws Purple Love Glove Cat Grooming Mitt

Even shorthair cats need regular grooming. They may be able to take good care of their coat but there are other good reasons for you to groom your cat.

That does not mean having to use sharp-edged combs or pinned brushes. The Four Paws Purple Love Glove Cat Grooming Mitt is a far better solution that works even for cats with sensitive skin.


Cat Grooming Mitt

It can be used with all coat types and massages while gently untangling any mats and removing excessive hair. It can help reduce shedding or at least help the shedded fur from getting all over your home. What’s more, you can even use it to pick up cat hair from your furniture and rugs!

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Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups

Cats make an awesome decorative motif, don’t they? I just love this beautiful set of four measuring cups with smiling feline face on them!

Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups

In a classic array of cream to dark gray, these sweet kitties will help you measure flour, sugar or any other ingredient in your kitchen. Not many cats will let you grab them by their tail, but these guys? They would just keep smiling and giving you a helping paw with cooking and baking!

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Cat Treat Maze

One of the most common reasons for behavior problems in cats is boredom. Most of us keep our kitties indoors-only, providing our them with food, shelter, medical care and of course, lots of love. Perfect, right? Well, not if you’re a cat, genetically programmed to spend time everyday hunting for your food.

Enter environmental enrichment. Your cat will benefit hugely from having to work for his food, at least a little. This is what this Cat Treat Maze by Catit offers.

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

If your cat has no weight issues, just toss in a few treats and let Kitty figure out how to fish them out. If your cat is overweight and you’re trying to limit the amount of food consumed, it’s best to use some of the food allotted for him for the day. Kibble works perfectly for that end. If you’re feeding wet food only, consult your veterinarian about which treats to provide Kitty with, and how much of them you can give.

One thing is for sure, having to “hunt” for food or treats will keep your cat busy and happy!

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