Personalized Pet Photo Blanket

I love personalized gifts, especially when they feature our pets. Giving someone an item portraying their beloved cat or dog is saying you know them well, and you know what THEY love in their life.

This purrrsenolized blanket is just the cat’s meow of personalized gifts! Not some cheap print of the cat, but a computer-generated image that is woven into a blanket. It’s as personalized and unique as it gets and is certain to become a family heirloom, celebrating a much loved feline family member for generations to come.

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You provide the image via the web and receive a high-quality 100% hypoallergenic woven blanket measuring 40″ by 60″. You can even have text added, so the cat’s name, date of birth, or any other text will be embedded in your blanket.

Oh, and pssst… you can certainly gift one to yourself! Show the world how much you adore your cat by having a huge print of her as a bed cover!

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