Pet Sleep-n-Store

If you live in a small apartment, you probably want to make the most of your available space. Floor space, especially. Here’s a nifty piece of furniture that lets you do just that:

This combination unit allows you to provide your cat with comfortable and stylish sleeping quarters padded with a striped mattress. Above them you get a neatly organized white cabinet. Open the doors and a wealth of storage space is revealed.

You can see how great the storage space is for yourself, but I want to add a word here about the pet sleeping area. It is located low in the design, which for cats could be a disadvantage. Perfect for dogs, this combination can work well for an only cat, or cats that get along well with each other. In a multi-cat household where cats may feel less at ease, this arrangement may not feel safe enough for the felines. It can still be a good space for hanging around, sitting and watching… cozy and soft to the feel.

You can order this unit from Amazon and have the kit delivered to your home where will have to put it together – click for the full details to see how this piece of furniture fits into your home

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