Pet Stages Kitty Scratching Ramp

Scratching surfaces is a natural and essential part of feline behavior repertoire. You can’t teach a cat not to scratch – you can only direct the natural scratching instinct towards designated scratching posts. Read more here about how to stop your cat from scratching the furniture along with some tips for choosing the right scratching post.

This corrugated cardboard ramp has the potential to become your cat’s favorite scratching post. It provides a long surface, across which the cat can stretch and scratch at the same time; a rough surface that lends itself nicely to the effect of those claws; a good angle that many cats will find very appealing; and even a nice dangling toy for extra fun.This scratching post comes complete with a packet of catnip for you to sprinkle across the board.

The makers tell us that this post can be neatly folded and stored inside the attached box when not in use. Frankly, I am not sure why it should ever be out of use. It’s best to let this one become a regular fixture in a prominent location in your house and leave the ease of storage as a perk for shops selling this product.

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