Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer

When something is wrong with a living body, a change in temperature is often one of the symptoms. Having an accurate read on any such change is a crucial way for us to monitor the health of those who cannot complain about other symptoms – be them babies or pets.

Ear thermometers have long become a household item, with this pet version being an essential item in any pet lover’s medical kit. While you can take a rectal reading with a traditional thermometer, it is certainly more stressful to the animal (last thing needed when they are already not feeling well), and if you’re not competent enough you could actually injure that delicate area. Many pet owners would rather take a cat to the vet than try a rectal reading at home, and for a good reason.

If you’re one of those, then this pet ear thermometer is what you need. It’s easy to use, fast and reliable.

If you are involved in animal rescue, then you may find a good thermometer invaluable (in fact you may already own one). It can also be useful for professional breeders, looking out to determine ovulation cycles in their queens.

Just keep one thing in mind, please. If you get a reading that is out of range, or have any indication that your cat is not well – always contact your vet. Never medicate a cat without a vet’s approval – some medications, even common pain relievers, can be extremely toxic to cats.

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