Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

petmate fountainMany cats adore flowing water. Whether it’s curiosity about the movement, or improved taste, some cats become literally addicted to running water and refuse to take their drink from a regular water dish. You see these kitties standing on kitchen counters, waiting for their human to come over and run the tap… Well, why keep them waiting?

A running water fountain is a great way to provide constantly running, fresh and oxygenated water for your cat, and this Petmate Fresh Flow fountain is a great choice for the task. It arrives with a build in filter (that needs replacing at regular intervals), as well as non-skid rubber feet to keep it securely in place. Its novel design reduces splashing and keeps both cats and owners happy with a small and clean, yet fun, feline drinking shrine.

Encouraging cats to drink is always a good thing and may help prevent FLUTD. Even if your cat agrees to drinking from a regular water bowl, you may want to try a water fountain and see if the novelty might get her to increase her water consumption.

Learn more about this item here, or read more about shopping for cat water fountains here.

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