Petmate Pet Steps

If you live with a young and agile cat, the concept of pet steps may look like a cute but redundant idea. After all, with a cat that can easily jump from the floor right on top of the kitchen counter, why on earth would you pay to construct kitty stairs?

Well, true enough, these stairs are not for young agile cats, or older agile cats even. They are for aging cats with arthritis or a similar condition that makes it more difficult for them to jump. They were originally planned for small toy dogs, and aging dogs too, but alas, some cats may require them as well.

And yes, even if your cat has no problem jumping, they will look cute and trigger conversation as your amused guests inquire about the odd construction attached to your sofa… Sheer gimmick or useful aid – depends on your cats and your household…

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You can read more about aging cats and issues typical to those golden age felines in the special expert forum on this topic here.

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