PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

Cats have evolved to be hunters. They were domesticated only a few thousands of years ago – most estimates mention about 5000 years – and even then, for millennia they were kept for their value as hunters of rodents. The new feline role of pampered indoor-only Kitty is relatively new, at most decades of years old.

No wonder many cats find the fact that their food just shows up from above and into their feeding dish a bit dull. Some cats still crave the level of interest that came with having to hunt. They need the mental and physical stimulation. Without it, their life is a bit more boring and if food comes too easily, they may eat too much of it, too fast, eventually gaining unwanted weight.

That’s why experts agree that feeding solutions such as the SlimCat Interactive Toy & Food Dispenser is a great idea.

cat feeding ball

Basically, this is a hardy plastic ball inside which you place Kitty’s kibble. In order to get her food, your cat will have to bat the ball around and chase it as the kibble falls out in small amounts. It gets her exercise and food at the same way hunting would have done. It also means eating is slowed down as she can only get a small amount at the time.

Made by PetSafe, you know this product comes “from a good home”, made with safe and non-toxic materials and tried and tested on many cats.

Who is this for? It’s a great solution for these scenarios –

  • Any cat who needs exercise.
  • Any cat who needs mental stimulation.
  • Any cat whose owner is away during the day and needs entertainment.
  • Any cat who tends to eat too fast.

If your cat falls into any of these categories, do her a favor and order this unusual feeding instrument for her. It doesn’t work well with all cats and it may take some getting used to, but if it works, it can hugely improve her quality of life and health too.

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