Check Out This “Play Station” for your cat!

Do you keep your cat strictly indoor? That’s what many cat owners choose to do in order to keep their cats safe. After all, the great outdoors can be very dangerous for our sweet little kitties. Keeping them inside is definitely safer for them.

However, being inside can be boring. Outside, a cat would have access to more stimulation, in particular that offered by its natural prey such as bugs, small rodents and birds. If we choose to keep Kitty indoor, we need to make sure she gets the same level of stimuli. And no, that does not mean you need to bring in birds, mice or – heavens forbid – bugs. Fortunately, cats do just as well with “artificial prey”, aka cat toys.

Today we have a great option for environmental enrichment! Check out this awesome “play-station” for kitties!


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Let me start with the least important feature for your cat: It’s a really pretty item. I love the design and the colors so much I think it would look great as part of your home decor. It measures 18″ by 13″ by 5″ and you can definitely put it in your living room. It’s bound to be a conversation starter with your guests and show off your commitment to cat care!

Moving on to the more important stuff (for your cat, at least), this structure offers a wonderful opportunity for Kitty to practice her hunting skills. It’s a small “mouse cave” as far as they’re concerned and inside they can find the coveted prey, in this case a rolling ball. The entire structure moves as they jump on it or pounce at it, making the balls inside roll and move around. How exciting to have your prey move!

Some cats would jump on top of this device while others may prefer to stay by its side where the world is more stable 😉 Either way, it’s a terrific way to entice them to play hunt, and they can do that while you’re away too. If you happen to foster or raise kittens – this would make a perfect setting for playing “King Of The Hill” (make sure you capture that on video and put it on youtube – it’s going to be really funny to watch!)

Best of all, you can easily and quickly order this unique item on Amazon.

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