Premier Glo Kitty Collar

Disclaimer: we do not think you should let your cat wander outside at night time. The product page on Amazon can actually be quite upsetting for cat lovers, when stating that this collar “collar reflects lights from cars”. No collar will make any cat safe from a car – ever.

With that out of the way, these breakaway collars are not without merit. It’s always smart to have a collar on your cat, just in case it ever gets out. A well tagged collar can be the sign for a concerned neighbor that this is a pet cat straying out of the home – and the thing that will get your cat safely back home. Read this cat collar safety guide for more information about choosing the right collar for your cat, and don’t forget this article about properly ID’ing your cat.

And yes, if you ignore the maker’s remarks about warning oncoming cars, this Glo Kitty collar is actually not a bad choice at all.

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