Purr-fectly Spoiled Cat Gift Basket

Have you ever been invited to a feline birthday party? Many of us celebrate birthdays and special occasions for and with our furbabies, and often invite like-minded guests. If you’re a cat-auntie looking for a great gift, you may want to consider a gift basket. It’s not very expensive and it is so special, adding to the festivities with its fancy gift basket setup.

It’s not just pretty either. This gift basket is full to the brim with cat goodies! It has so much cool and tasty stuff in it, it can be a good gift for an entire clan of cats sharing a home together, or a gift to a single cat that will last for weeks. The large container with the paw pattern printed on it comes packed with eight different kinds of top quality cat treats, as well as several cat toys – something for every cat’s taste.

Add your personalized message to this gift basket and have Amazon send it to your favorite cat. A great gift for a birthday, homecoming, new adoption, or for any other occasion in a cat’s nine lives!

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