Quilted Cat Throw for a Warm Winter

Another great gift idea for the Holidays! I don’t know too many cat lovers who aren’t into crafts, or at least enjoy the end result. Quilts seem to be very popular, perhaps because they are useful, and not just very pretty. This one, by designer Jim Shore, certainly is both.

It’s 100% cotton for a nice soft texture and is fairly large at 51 by 68 inches. The design is the main attraction, obviously. Using warm colors and lovely geometric patterns, it depicts three cats, each against a different background color. While using blue, green and red, the hues are all muted and share a warm characteristic that makes them blend in beautifully.

This quilt is unique in its design and will appeal to any cat lovers. You can get it for yourself, of course, of warm up winter nights for a close friend or relative. Being an original Jim Shore design, it is special enough to be hanged on the wall for display, yet its warm design means it’ll be just the perfect throw to lay over your bed or sofa. This one is going to be a family heirloom in any home where cats are loved.

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