Safety Rhinestone Pet Collar with Heart Charm

It’s not easy finding a cat collar that’s both safe for cats and extra pretty. I was really happy when I discovered this find: a gorgeous rhinestone collar safe and fit for a purrincess.

These collars are custom made. You have to get the right fit so you should read the product page on amazon, where they explain how to get your cat’s size right. You can specify the type of buckle and the number of rings around it, and order additional ones for your ID tag.

The product description includes a reference to a leash being attachedĀ  to the collar. However, when it comes to cats, leashes should be attached only to a harness and never to a collar: feline necks are way to delicate to stand the pull of a leash against them. So, use the extra rings on your rhinestone collar for more charms or an ID tag, but never for a leash.

Speaking of charms, the one-inch heart-shaped charm adds a unique touch to this collar, giving it a feminine and regal look. Not to say that a male cat can’t wear it with pride, only that it takes a certain purrsonality type for it… Available in several shades, I think this dark blue variety will look exceptionally good on blue eyes cats.

As far as cat collars go, this one is definitely not cheap, but then again, it is jewelry for your cat.

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