Skipper Economy Pet Carrier

Yes, it’s very basic. But this is what’s so great about this cat carrier. It’s sturdy, lightweight, simple to operate and perfect for transferring cats around. Providing the right amount of ventilation while allowing the cat a sense of shaded security, you don’t really need much more from a carrier when you take your cat to the vet and back.

Note that this one is not airline approved, so more suitable for shorter journeys. Yes, the low price makes it ideas for multi-cat households, where owners need to keep a large number of carriers.

Remember, never ever carry your cat in your arms when going out of the house. Always use a cat carrier, unless your cat is leash trained and is out on a supervised stroll in familiar surroundings. Having trouble getting Kitty into the carrier? Try this article for possible solutions:

The Dreaded Cat Carrier

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