“Sorry I can’t.. I Have Plans With My Cat” T-Shirt

I’ve found the perfect gift for the introvert cat lover!

Do you know that person who prefers to spend evenings at home, enjoying a movie or a good book? The one who couldn’t care less about going out to a party? Who prefers a takeaway or a delivery over spending time in a restaurant with other people? Hey, maybe that person is you?

If you’re tired from making excuses and turning down offers from friends and family, this fantastic cat-themed tee shirt could be for you!


It’s whimsical enough not to offend anyone and celebrates our true love in life: our kitties! After all, if you have a cat, you can’t really spend an evening alone at home, can you? Kitty will be a terrific partner for watching a movie or diving into a good book!

It’s a unisex fit with “baggin fit” sleeves (folded in this photo), so pretty awesome for relaxed everyday use or even as a nightshirt. Just look at that Kitty’s face… Wouldn’t you prefer to hang out with this sweetheart over any human out there? I think I would too!

Click to see more about this shirt on Amazon and buy one for a friend (or for yourself!)

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