Store Cat Toys In This Elegant Wicker Basket Home Décor

Does your cat love new toys… but only new ones? Does she get all excited about a new catnip mouse only to toss it away or hide it behind the couch, never to be played with again? Read on for a solution!

Cat toys are more than just “fun”. They’re an important part of enriching your cat’s environment and making it stimulating enough for her, both physically and mentally. There are so many awesome cat toys available these days, stuffed, crinkly, laced with catnip, bouncy or tasseled. However, for some cats, even the best toy can become dull after awhile. With playtime being a form of mock hunting, a used toy is a lot like a dead body. Not even an edible body at that, so no wonder Kitty is thinking: Bo-ring!

The good news is that there’s a way to keep toys fresh in your cat’s mind. The idea is to rotate toys. Limit each specific toy’s availability by stashing them out of Kitty’s sight and reach. Have one or two toys out for a play session but once your cat tires of them, pick them up and put them back in the toy box. The following day, offer a different toy or two. Have enough toys to keep rotating them so that the same toy doesn’t go out more than once a week. The less frequent the sessions, the better.

Which brings me to today’s recommended product: A pet-themed wicker basket!

wicker pet toys and accessories storage

It’s shaped like a bone, so possibly designed with a canine in mind, but it would make a great fit for any cat owner’s home too. Let’s face it, the shape usually associated with cats is a fishbone. Not only is it unsafe for cats, you can hardly create a box shaped as one, now can you?

So, back to this bone-shaped wicker basket. It’s 24 inches in length and 9 inches tall. Large enough to hold a varied assortment of cat toys and even some treats. It has a secure lid with a latch to keep Kitty from opening it. If you use it to store catnip-scented toys or cat treats, I suggest storing it in a closet though. You don’t want a stubborn cat trying to claw his or her way in and destroying this beautiful item. Large, lightweight, easy to store in itself and perfect for storing anything pet-related, this basket gets a paws-up here!

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