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Peeping Tom Cat Wall Sculpture

It’s not easy finding cat art that has both a trendy black-and-white look and a fun whimsical aspect too. This one is whimsical in more than one way too.

It’s the very concept of a wall sculpture that’s so fresh and entertaining. Where you would expect to find a painting, you find a three dimensional sculpture instead, and a metal one at that. While shaped as a rectangular picture, it actually tricks the eye with its black frame, and looks almost like a window planted in your living room wall.

And then you have the look on the face of the cat, peeping at you from within that fake “window” with eager feline eyes, almost looking for mischief.

A very unique piece of art, lightweight and sturdy, that makes a great and original gift for any cat lover, or a decorative statement in your home.

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Oaxacan Carving of a Shelf Cat

This whimsical looking cat sculpture is an absolute treat. This high quality art is handmade by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico from local Copal wood. They make each such sculpture from scratch, carving, sanding and painting a unique design on each piece. The process takes about a week and produces a one-of-a-kind authentic collector’s item – with a very affordable price tag!

Isn’t that just a purrfect sculpture for a shelf? or maybe even for your cat shelves, if you have them. It’s a great way to show guests exactly what those empty shelves are for. Highly recommended as a gift for any art-inclined cat lover with a flare for South American style, each cat comes with a small narrative card that tells its story.

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Laurel Burch Santa Fe Felines Mug

What a wonderful gift idea for any cat lover! This unique mug is an original Laurel Burch design in her world famous American Southwest, aka Santa Fe, style. The Spanish and Native American influences are apparent in the bright yet deep colors and the colorfulness of the depicted cats.

This mug is very high quality indeed: high fired for extra durability, it is microwave and dishwasher safe. It’s actually a collector’s item though, as Laurel Burch items are quite sought after and this mug carries her signature stamp at the bottom.

Great gift idea, and one you can splurge on and gift yourself!

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