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The Scratcher Lounge Cat Bed

One of the common complaints we get from cat owners at the cat behavior forum is: “my cat scratches the furniture”. Well, here’s a solution, or part of it – give your cat its own furniture to scratch. And what’s better than an actual elegant lounge bed?

This Scratcher-Bed is a great solution with several distinct advantages. Firstly, the various angles and the solid structure, combined with the rough corrugated cardboard surface, are bound to make this a scratching magnet for almost any cat. And when a cat has a good scratching post – that’s the first step towards preventing damage to your other furniture. For more advice on how to protect your furniture from cat scratching – read here.

The round flowing shape is appealing not only to cats. This is a piece of furniture that can be a great addition to any living room decor. As elegant as any other element in your room, it actually adds to your room’s appeal and can become an integral part of your room decor plan. The flowing lines make this one great for Feng Shui decorating too. Of course, the round contours are also what makes this such a comfortable napping spot for a sleepy feline.

What’s more, this piece of cat furniture is earth-friendly too. Green, not in color but in ecollogical terms, it’s made of partly recycled content put together with non-toxic adhesives. Good for both your cat and the environment.

Sounds interesting? Click here to check it out on Amazon – you’ll find the full specs and the unique system used to maintain the scratching surface. It’s a great place to mail order this made-in-the-USA bed too.

Scratch ‘n Play Ramp for Cats with Catnip

You can never have enough scratching posts, especially with a new cat under your roof. You see, different cats have different tastes when it comes to scratching posts. Textures, angles and size all come into account. Location too. In fact, you may have to experiment for a while, try different posts for size. Here’s where this ramp fits right in:

The corrugated cardboard surface appeals to many cats, young and old. A combination of organic catnip and a dangling toy is always a good for attracting a curious feline. All in all, with this Scratch ‘n Play ramp, you will be offering your cat another great spot where it’s ok for her or him to sharpen their claws.

The lovely design makes this post great for every area of your home and the scratching block is actually reversible, so when one side wears down, you can just flip it over.

Click here for tips on how to choose the best scratching posts and how to train your cat to use them or check the Scratching Posts section on Meowhoo.com for more sellers and makers of posts.

Click for more details and price on the product features here: Fat Cat Big Mama’s Scratch ‘n Play Ramp for Cats with Catnip

Pet Stages Kitty Scratching Ramp

Scratching surfaces is a natural and essential part of feline behavior repertoire. You can’t teach a cat not to scratch – you can only direct the natural scratching instinct towards designated scratching posts. Read more here about how to stop your cat from scratching the furniture along with some tips for choosing the right scratching post.

This corrugated cardboard ramp has the potential to become your cat’s favorite scratching post. It provides a long surface, across which the cat can stretch and scratch at the same time; a rough surface that lends itself nicely to the effect of those claws; a good angle that many cats will find very appealing; and even a nice dangling toy for extra fun.This scratching post comes complete with a packet of catnip for you to sprinkle across the board.

The makers tell us that this post can be neatly folded and stored inside the attached box when not in use. Frankly, I am not sure why it should ever be out of use. It’s best to let this one become a regular fixture in a prominent location in your house and leave the ease of storage as a perk for shops selling this product.

Click for more details and price