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Cat Ball Cat Cave Bed in Bright Stripes

I confess, while browsing Amazon for new products to recommend, it was this photo that caught my eye. More specifically, this adorable cross-eyed colorpoint Kitty that’s inside this fabulous cat bed.

cat ball bed

Did you know that colorpoint blue-eyed cats (often referred to as “Siamese” even though they aren’t necessarily even purebred) are genetically predisposed to being cross-eyed? It’s not a trait that ethical breeders encourage, of course, but us cat lovers are often suckers for funny faces and you have to admit, it makes a Kitty’s face look absolutely adorable.

And now, to the business of this awesome cat bed and why it would make a great gift to your cat, cross-eyed or not. For one thing, the shape. Cats love hiding in small caves and this one is purrfectly shaped, with a large enough opening for you to keep an eye on Kitty at all times, even as he’s snuggled inside his “cat cave” (but wait! There’s more to the shape!). It’s also large enough as a unit which means a larger feline would find it just as comfortable but also that if you have more than one cat and they like to snuggle up together, this could be a good choice for your crew. And, here’s the really smart thing about the design: it has a second opening in the back –

cat bed from behind

This means a lot. It means no cat ever feels trapped inside. An important feature in a multi-cat household, especially if one of the cats is intimidated by another. It also means that if you happen to have kittens in your home, they’re going to have a blast exploring this huge cave and use it as a tunnel as well. The small opening one is about 6″ diameter and the larger one is about 10″ so you can try and get an estimate of how your own feline(s) fit in.

Made with 100% cotton fabrics and a foam interior you know it’s going to be comfortable for your pets to sleep in and easy for you to wash the six panels it’s made of.

Last, but not least, this is simply a beautiful design. The stripes are fetching and work well with any modern home decor theme your room may have. The unique – and trademarked by The Cat Ball® – hexagonal design makes this a perfect addition to any bedroom, office room or even living room, with true designer chic!

Check it out on Amazon




Unique Modern Cat Bed

I always appreciate cat beds that are designed with scratching in mind. Most cats like to stretch when they wake up from a long slumber and there’s nothing like a good nail sharpening scratch when you stretch now, is there?

This beautiful cat bed, with its sleek modern curved design is absolutely perfect in that respect, as this kitty clearly demonstrates.

Check the details on this one – a classic, in structure, color, you name it. Absolutely gorgeous. It will look great in your house and your cat will absolutely love it too.

You can get this item at Amazon and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Your cat will thank you! Ok, cat don’t really thank us, but your cat will be happy and that’s what counts!

Heated Cat Bed – the Therapeutic Infrared Version

Maybe it’s their genetic heritage? that North African wild cat in every domestic feline making them seek out warmth and even heat, be it a sun spot near the window or the top of your TV set.

Some cats actually require heat for therapeutic purposes. Pain inflicting conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, and strained muscles all benefit from a heated bed rest.

Whether you need heat therapy for your feline, or just want to pamper your furbaby with something extra, the Thermotex infrared square bed is an excellent choice!

This electric bed uses the same mechanism as the beds used to warm newborn babies in hospitals – a gentle mattress that radiates harmless infrared energy to gently yet thoroughly warm your cat.

Click here for the product page on Amazon – where you can safely order your heated cat bed

These beds are expensive yet popular enough to make Amazon run out of them every once in a while. At the time of posting this, I can see one last bed left in stock – so if you want to guarantee a warm winter for your pet, hurry up! In case you’re out of luck, here’s the link to the Thermotex Infrared Therapeutic Pet Beds

Huggers – Two’s a Company Pet Bed


You know how your cat loves curling up, snuggling nicely for a good solid nap? This unique pet bed will call out to your cat like a magnet, with its two comfortable hugging sleeping centers. With winter on the horizon, this soft plush bed is just what you need to get for your cat!

Yes, it was designed with puppies and small dogs in mind, but it’s absolutely perfect for cats too! The manufacturer recommends this bed for pets weighing up to 13 lbs each, and let’s face it, this covers most felines (but only a few lucky canines…)

What I love about this product is the emphasis on quality. Nothing but the finest materials and top quality manufacturing processes. It’s made in the US, doubled stitched from the best faux-fur fabrics on the outside and filled with high-quality polyester fiber. It’s the kind of product you know your cats will adore and you will enjoy for years to come. For extra pampering, you can order an attached cat toy and even a matching blanket – what else can you ask for?

Get ready for those winter chills in time – get the Huggers pet bed today!

Zen Cat Hideaway

Many cats like their sleeping spots to be private and secluded, so this pet hideaway can hugely appeal to your feline. What’s better than a snug little place all her own? The Zen Cat Hideaway is all of that and more!

This enclosed sleeping area is unique in retaining owners in mind too, or rather their homes. It looks nothing like a pet bed and its stylish sleek oval design makes it into a purrfect home decor element. It comes in four beautiful shades of mint green (as seen in this picture), red, black or pure white to fit your decorating color scheme. Both colors and shape lend themselves best to a modern decorating style, but can work out well in any eclectic room too. How nice that you can combine a hideaway for your cat with such a sophisticaed decor element! Click on the product page here and you can see how other customers have used it in their room decor.

It can be used outdoors too, but the makers suggest keeping it under a roof to avoid water leaking in. Another optional use is for hiding the litterbox – just make sure you remember to clean it when out of sight!

The internal space retains a secure snug feeling for your cat, while offering plenty of ventilation. Your cat can peep through the walls while feeling well-protected in its little “cave”. There is some light coming in from the glass top above, but the glass is clouded to keep your cat feeling private.

Click and order one today – all you have to decide on is the color!

Keep Cool in Summer with the Coolaroo Pet Bed

Most pet beds are designed to convey a sense of warmth. They look like all you want to do is get yourself to cat size and snuggle inside that fluffy, soft cave. Hopefully, they’d make your pet feel the same way. Of course, that’s the desired effect during cold winter days and nights, but what about hot summer days?

What about those days when you and your cat seek out the coolest spots in your home? Well, this bed can at least help the cat:

This beautifully simple bed, The Coolaroo Pet Bed, is made of unique knitted fabric that maintains its appealing coolness even on hot days, unaffected by temperature extremes around it. It is durable enough for outdoor use, so can be great for your cat enclosure outside, keeping a fresh look with its built-in resistance to sun radiation as well as mold and mildew. The fabric is easy to wash, even hose if necessary and the entire bed is sturdy enough to be used by a medium-sized dog even, so expect to be using this one for years to come.

Click here to read more about the Coolaroo bed and get it delivered to your doorstep from Amazon