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The Scratcher Lounge Cat Bed

One of the common complaints we get from cat owners at the cat behavior forum is: “my cat scratches the furniture”. Well, here’s a solution, or part of it – give your cat its own furniture to scratch. And what’s better than an actual elegant lounge bed?

This Scratcher-Bed is a great solution with several distinct advantages. Firstly, the various angles and the solid structure, combined with the rough corrugated cardboard surface, are bound to make this a scratching magnet for almost any cat. And when a cat has a good scratching post – that’s the first step towards preventing damage to your other furniture. For more advice on how to protect your furniture from cat scratching – read here.

The round flowing shape is appealing not only to cats. This is a piece of furniture that can be a great addition to any living room decor. As elegant as any other element in your room, it actually adds to your room’s appeal and can become an integral part of your room decor plan. The flowing lines make this one great for Feng Shui decorating too. Of course, the round contours are also what makes this such a comfortable napping spot for a sleepy feline.

What’s more, this piece of cat furniture is earth-friendly too. Green, not in color but in ecollogical terms, it’s made of partly recycled content put together with non-toxic adhesives. Good for both your cat and the environment.

Sounds interesting? Click here to check it out on Amazon – you’ll find the full specs and the unique system used to maintain the scratching surface. It’s a great place to mail order this made-in-the-USA bed too.

Pet Sleep-n-Store

If you live in a small apartment, you probably want to make the most of your available space. Floor space, especially. Here’s a nifty piece of furniture that lets you do just that:

This combination unit allows you to provide your cat with comfortable and stylish sleeping quarters padded with a striped mattress. Above them you get a neatly organized white cabinet. Open the doors and a wealth of storage space is revealed.

You can see how great the storage space is for yourself, but I want to add a word here about the pet sleeping area. It is located low in the design, which for cats could be a disadvantage. Perfect for dogs, this combination can work well for an only cat, or cats that get along well with each other. In a multi-cat household where cats may feel less at ease, this arrangement may not feel safe enough for the felines. It can still be a good space for hanging around, sitting and watching… cozy and soft to the feel.

You can order this unit from Amazon and have the kit delivered to your home where will have to put it together – click for the full details to see how this piece of furniture fits into your home

Cowboy Premium Pet Bed a la Montana

I have seen cats dressed up in Western style costumes, but no matter what, no feline can pass for a convincing hard working cowboy 😉 Well, they can dream in Western style though, napping on this lovely warm luxurious made-in-Montana pet bed.

I strongly believe that when shopping for cat beds, or cat furniture in general, you should consider home decor as well. These they can be actual focal points in your design, being fairly large and often with bright colors or patterns. With its rugged faux suede fabric and wild-looking cow print, this bed actually makes a cool decorative item for your home.

It certainly is large enough, at 50in x 32in x 7in, it can easily accommodate more than one cat for those winter times multi-snuggles. It’s also practical, as you can take off the cover for a quick cycle in the washer and dryer every once in a while. Actually, the entire bed is machine washable, but it’ll probably be faster to wash just the cover. The insides are made of something called IntelliLoft Poly Fill, and what you need to know about it, other than it being machine washable, is that it is earth-friendly and 100% recycled. Overall, a great choice of a cat bed in a unique style.

Click for more details and price

Striped Round Organic Hemp Pet Bed

A cat bed needs to be comfortable and appealing to your cat. It should also fit in with your home decor style, and this selection of striped round pet beds offers various shades to match any color scheme. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, these beds are special, and for a different reason: they are totally natural pet beds.

By natural, I mean that they are made of 100% organic hemp fabric, dyes with totally natural and azo-free dyes. They are extremely practical too, being pre-washed and pre-shrunk, making them machine washable through and through.

They’re “green” on the inside too, with hypo-allergenic bed inserts made of recycled post consumer plastic bottles. Talk about an eco-friendly cat bed! And it all comes in such a lovely contemporary design, available in blue, brown, green, orange or red. A hip bed for the eco-conscious feline!

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Fancy Leather Pet Couch

Gotta love these items which look like they were made for humans, only they’re much smaller. This mini-couch is just such an item. With pine wood base, a comfortable foam cushion and a vinyl cover that looks and feels like leather, this one will make you smile whenever you go past it. Perfect to be placed in your living room, right next to your own couch. Watch your guests reactions as they see this petite couch and wonder if you expect them to be seated here…

The only problem you may have, is that some cats may take a liking to scratching the surface, so you could possibly end up with a fancy looking scratching post. However, if you take care to have more attractive scratching posts nearby, you may just get lucky with this one, as its shape does not lend itself too easily to a good stretch and scratch routine.

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Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad

While many pet cats are indoors exclusive, there are those cats that spend days, and sometimes nights as well, outdoors. These are often feral or semi-feral cats that cannot adjust well to living indoor-only. Of course, some cats are lucky enough to spend time outdoors, protected in a large enclosure, or even in a backyard of some size, with a cat-proof fence.

Whatever the reason, if you want to pamper a cat in your life and make sure they have a warm spot to spend the cold winter days and nights on, this could be a great solution:

Sized approximately 12.5″ by 18.5″, this rugged plastic pad comes with a built-in internal thermostat and will provide constant warmth (102 degrees) in any weather. It does have to be plugged-in, taking up about 40 watts, so this can work well in your shed, barn, garage or cat enclosure.

Free fleece cover included, according to Amazon, but you can always just cover it up with your own favorite blanket. A perfect spot for your outdoors kitty to sleep in comfort and dream of feline glory days in warm ancient Egypt!

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