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Give Kitty Extra Leg Room In The Carrier!

Ok, so leg room is for us humans during long flights. In this case, it’s leg room, or tailroom or any other part of the cat’s body room 😉

It’s simple an ingenious idea. Why settle for the size of a cat carrier? It can get crowded in there. Sure, sometimes you need all four solid walls for extra security, but at other times, you can turn this amazing carrier into “relaxed mode”, and open up one of the sides without putting your cat at any risk. That side is equipped with a mesh cover which turns it into a small tent. More room and a more airy feeling for the small passenger inside –


There are even more good reasons to invest in this elegant cat carrier. The designers really know cats and cat owner and thought about all the little things –

  1. It comes in several sizes, the largest of which is 48cm x 30cm x 30cm.
  2. The mesh allows for great ventilation.
  3. You can carry it with its strong handle or using the shoulder strap.
  4. It has not one but two zipper doors, for ease of access.
  5. It has small side pockets where you can store things you need for the ride.
  6. It comes with a removable plush mat. Soft to lay on and easy to remove for cleaning.
  7. It’s easy to store, as it collapses to a flat storage mode.
  8. It’s very pretty!

This is a high-end cat carrier that gets great reviews on Amazon. It could be a perfect travel solution for your pampered cat! Check it out here.

Teafco Argo Airline Approved Aero Pet Carrier

Most cats do not take well to traveling. More often than not, traveling with a cat is a matter of necessity and not a recreational pastime. Traveling with any pet aboard a plane presents even more difficulties – although as with everything else, preparation can help you avoid many of the potential pitfalls. Check out this article about traveling with cats, and especially the air travel for cats page for more information.

And since this is a shopping blog… here’s our product for today: the Teafco pet carrier, approved for passenger cabin travel for pets. This one is extremely light, easy to carry, and has a cozy padded interior for your pet’s comfort. The windows are made of six double meshes, providing a secure airway for your cat.

It’s stylish too, and there are four other colors for you to choose from.

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Petmate Double Door Deluxe

A great solution for when you need to quickly and effectively put a cat into its carrier: a top-loading door. It’s much easier to get a reluctant cat into its carrier through this large door that takes it right into the wider dimension of the carrier. For ease of exit, you have the regular front door as well.

This is a fine, no-nonsense, airline approved carrier (always best to check with your airline carrier before the flight!). Sturdy, spacious and well aired, made of durable and easy-to-clean plastic, it will be just as great for short distance traveling in your car. For longer journeys in unfamiliar suroundings, you may want to lay a piece of cloth, preferably with the familiar scents of home, over the top of the carrier, to block the top door and create a more secure environment.

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Cat Exhibition Cage

While this product was designed with cat shows in mind, it can be useful for anyone who needs to go on the road with a cat. It’s sturdy and strong, and offers your cat a large enough space to be temporarily crated in comfort.

When staying at a new place, be it a hotel room or the guest room in a friend’s house, your cat is at risk of running out of the home in panic and getting lost forever. You can’t very well keep your cat confined to a tiny carrier box 24 hours a day, can you? This is where a large cage like this one can save the day.  44.5″ long and 21″ wide, it gives your cat so much room than a carrier, yet remains a light-weight portable cage.

Breeders who are indeed looking for a show cage, may like to know that the internal space can be divided into to two, by rolling the center panel up and down. This way you could use this cage for one or two cats. Each side includes a name tag holder and has its own front panel door – perfect when you need to take your cat in and out during a show.

As to be expected from cat carriers and travel arrangements of this kind, it was built with ease of cleaniness in mind and constructed from nylon based fabrics. A wet cloth is all you need to wipe it clean, and the floor can be removed for a more thorough wash.

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Skipper Economy Pet Carrier

Yes, it’s very basic. But this is what’s so great about this cat carrier. It’s sturdy, lightweight, simple to operate and perfect for transferring cats around. Providing the right amount of ventilation while allowing the cat a sense of shaded security, you don’t really need much more from a carrier when you take your cat to the vet and back.

Note that this one is not airline approved, so more suitable for shorter journeys. Yes, the low price makes it ideas for multi-cat households, where owners need to keep a large number of carriers.

Remember, never ever carry your cat in your arms when going out of the house. Always use a cat carrier, unless your cat is leash trained and is out on a supervised stroll in familiar surroundings. Having trouble getting Kitty into the carrier? Try this article for possible solutions:

The Dreaded Cat Carrier