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Personalized Cat Necklace

Mom and Me Personalized Pet Necklace
This gorgeous cat necklace is going to look so wonderful on your cat, complete with her/his name on it, of course!

It’s custommade from a mix of rhinestones, sterling silver letters and Swarovski crystals – good vibes for your Feng Shui as your cat walks around!

What I liked most about this product, is the maker’s attention to safety – keeping it clear that this necklace is no replacement for a collar and that your cat should not be left unattended while wearing it. They even acknowledge the fact that not all cats take well to wearing jewelry and recommend ways in which to get your cat used to wearing it. To me, that shows there’s someone who truly cares about our felines there – and that counts!

It’s an awesome gift too, for any cat lover – showing them how much you care about their special furkid!

Read the full instructions and order that beautiful item for your cat right here.

Premier Glo Kitty Collar

Disclaimer: we do not think you should let your cat wander outside at night time. The product page on Amazon can actually be quite upsetting for cat lovers, when stating that this collar “collar reflects lights from cars”. No collar will make any cat safe from a car – ever.

With that out of the way, these breakaway collars are not without merit. It’s always smart to have a collar on your cat, just in case it ever gets out. A well tagged collar can be the sign for a concerned neighbor that this is a pet cat straying out of the home – and the thing that will get your cat safely back home. Read this cat collar safety guide for more information about choosing the right collar for your cat, and don’t forget this article about properly ID’ing your cat.

And yes, if you ignore the maker’s remarks about warning oncoming cars, this Glo Kitty collar is actually not a bad choice at all.

Premier Come with me Kitty Harness

Walking outdoors with a harness and leash may seem like a good idea. After all, this is a safe way to provide a cat with a supervised experience of the great outdoors, with its myriad of sounds, smells and sights.

Indeed with some cats it is just that. As long as you keep in mind that not every cat can be leash trained, and not all cats enjoy the exposure to the outdoors, having lived their entire life in a sheltered environment.

You can read more about how to leash and harness train your cat here. If you need a harness, why not try this Come with Me Kitty Harness & Leash? This manufacturer guarantees a safe way to control your cat’s movement: “Slight pressure on the bungee leash gently tightens the harness along the shoulders so that forward motion becomes safely restrained without putting pressure on the delicate throat area.”

Read more about cat harnesses and how to use them in the complete cat leash and harness guide or Click for more details and price of the Come with Me Kitty Harness & Leash

Safety Rhinestone Pet Collar with Heart Charm

It’s not easy finding a cat collar that’s both safe for cats and extra pretty. I was really happy when I discovered this find: a gorgeous rhinestone collar safe and fit for a purrincess.

These collars are custom made. You have to get the right fit so you should read the product page on amazon, where they explain how to get your cat’s size right. You can specify the type of buckle and the number of rings around it, and order additional ones for your ID tag.

The product description includes a reference to a leash being attached  to the collar. However, when it comes to cats, leashes should be attached only to a harness and never to a collar: feline necks are way to delicate to stand the pull of a leash against them. So, use the extra rings on your rhinestone collar for more charms or an ID tag, but never for a leash.

Speaking of charms, the one-inch heart-shaped charm adds a unique touch to this collar, giving it a feminine and regal look. Not to say that a male cat can’t wear it with pride, only that it takes a certain purrsonality type for it… Available in several shades, I think this dark blue variety will look exceptionally good on blue eyes cats.

As far as cat collars go, this one is definitely not cheap, but then again, it is jewelry for your cat.

Click for more details and price

Super Reflective Gold Cat Collar

Yes, it’s a huge controversy. This product is one I find it hard to recommend, actually, and this post is for educational purposes more than anything. It may be a great product in its own right, but do you really want your cat’s life to be in such peril that you need a reflective collar to alert motorists of your cat? If your cat roams outdoors where there are cars, you should really consider keeping it indoors-only.

Just in case you need the specs for this item, it is reflective and can be seen up to 1500 feet away when shined on at night time. It’s durable and weather-proof and is a safe breakaway collar, too. You can get it for your indoors kitty too, if you want a gold or silver fashion statement in your collar.

Click for more details and price