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Peek & Play Toy Box

Good cat toys and games imitate the thing which interests a feline most: hunting. Yup, even though your sweet kitty probably never laid eyes on live prey, let alone knows how to hunt, those instincts are still there, and proper cat play is the way to bring them to the surface safely and benefit from their implementation.

The Peek & Play Toy Box is a great way to do just that. It imitates what would be the natural way for a cat to hunt – seeking prey that’s hiding in small holes and tunnels. For the modern indoors-only cat, it provides a chance to exercise those sharp feline senses, and quickness of response. Entertainment is also the best cure for feline boredom – which is always a problem with indoors-only cats.

This toy is great because it lets you incorporate other toys, thus adjusting the use to your own cat’s preferences. Fur toy mice, squeaky balls or rattling ones, feathered toys or anything else that your cat craves, can be used with the Peek & Play box. In fact, it lets you make the most of existing toys, putting more value into them for you and your cat.

Highly recommended for the inquisitive feline – click here to find out more about this product and how you can mail order it from Amazon.

Cat Sitter DVD

Not all cats watch TV, but some cats certainly are fascinated with it. Especially with nature shows, featuring potential prey, like birds and mice. So, cat lover came up with a great concept of creating nature shows catering specifically for cats:

You can nowget a special deal on the three most popular DVD movies for cats – the famous cat sitter trio. Check it out here on Amazon.

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