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Fancy Leather Pet Couch

Gotta love these items which look like they were made for humans, only they’re much smaller. This mini-couch is just such an item. With pine wood base, a comfortable foam cushion and a vinyl cover that looks and feels like leather, this one will make you smile whenever you go past it. Perfect to be placed in your living room, right next to your own couch. Watch your guests reactions as they see this petite couch and wonder if you expect them to be seated here…

The only problem you may have, is that some cats may take a liking to scratching the surface, so you could possibly end up with a fancy looking scratching post. However, if you take care to have more attractive scratching posts nearby, you may just get lucky with this one, as its shape does not lend itself too easily to a good stretch and scratch routine.

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Pet Stages Kitty Scratching Ramp

Scratching surfaces is a natural and essential part of feline behavior repertoire. You can’t teach a cat not to scratch – you can only direct the natural scratching instinct towards designated scratching posts. Read more here about how to stop your cat from scratching the furniture along with some tips for choosing the right scratching post.

This corrugated cardboard ramp has the potential to become your cat’s favorite scratching post. It provides a long surface, across which the cat can stretch and scratch at the same time; a rough surface that lends itself nicely to the effect of those claws; a good angle that many cats will find very appealing; and even a nice dangling toy for extra fun.This scratching post comes complete with a packet of catnip for you to sprinkle across the board.

The makers tell us that this post can be neatly folded and stored inside the attached box when not in use. Frankly, I am not sure why it should ever be out of use. It’s best to let this one become a regular fixture in a prominent location in your house and leave the ease of storage as a perk for shops selling this product.

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Elegant Bamboo Cat Bed

Sheer elegance. This bed is a real eye-catcher and will appeal not just to your cat, but to anyone with a flare for home decor. The material is bamboo, with a beautiful dark treatment to make it extra durable, which means it lends itself naturally to an oriental room design. However, the round shape and dark color mean it can really work well with other styles, even formal ones.

The majestic cushion will make any feline look and feel like royalty. Ok, so your cat already feels like royalty, but this can provide the right setting, and seating, for Her, or His, Highness. This luxury cat bed is elegant enough to be put high up, perhaps on a cabinet even. Resident feline can have a great viewing point, and guests can admire your new addition to your home decor.

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Kitty Snooze Den

Is there anything like an image of a sleeping cat for inducing a sense of serene peacefulness in a cat lover?

Just look at this gorgeous white beauty, snoozing away in her Snooze den, take a deep breath and relax…

cat bed
cat snooze den

Well, engaging as this pretty white kitty is, we’re here to talk about the product. A Den by name and design, it’s a sturdy tented cat bed with a cool leopard print. Nothing like those wild prints to make any residing feline show its wild ancestry; even the most pampered fancy cat gets that distinct tigerish appearance when framed with the right pattern.

What makes this into a proper den, rather than just an ordinary cat bed is the tent. Made of nylon and acrylic fleece, it’s easy to clean and lightweight. Most cats prefer the sense of security provided by this little shelter, but one word of caution: if you have a multi-cat clash on your hands, make sure you that no cat can get “trapped” inside by an intimidating rival. To achieve maximum comfort and security in this situation, set the cat den in a way that allows its inhabitant a good view of the surrounding room, so it never gets startled by an oncoming adversary.

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