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This Summer, Get A Cat Planter For Your Garden!

I think I found the purrfect addition to your garden decor for this summer!

It’s a yellow planter with a floral pattern that’s shaped like a cat!


From paws to tail and smiling face, it’s just such a happy-looking cat, you can’t help but fall in love with this beautiful design! I love the attention to detail here, including the long whiskers and the “legs” of that famous”M” mark that all tabby cats carry on their forehead. The floral pattern is sweet too, with a retro touch emphasized by the choice of lemony yellow for the background.

Made of metal and built to last, this three-dimensional design is a sculpture in its own right, and not just a planter. Standing 17.5″ tall, it holds a 6″ diameter pot where you can grow flowers or herbs. If you want, you could keep it on a balcony in a city apartment, or even indoors, but you’d have to place a tray underneath these paws to deal with excess water coming out through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot.

You can actually buy this on Amazon. There is some assembly required but nothing too difficult. Once it’s ready, you can just keep changing plants with the seasons, or keep a small perennial in the pot. Let’s see…. how about growing some organic catnip in it?

Kitty’s Edible Garden

If it’s cold outside where you live, and you’re missing the color green, then this next item might be good for both your cat and you!

Indoors cats call for some indoors gardening efforts. Most cats love nibbling away on some fresh greenery, so a nice turf of fresh green grass is bound to be welcome. This kit lets you grow your own, made of 100% organic oats, wheat, rye and barley.

The planter is a classic wooden square box, solid enough to stay put and let your cat feed in peace without having it move or topple over. This set has it all, planter and seeds: just add water and wait for a few days. Manufacturer says it takes under a week for the green stuff to grow, so you can have your cat enjoy a nice winter snack soon enougn.

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