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How to naturally remove tear stains from under your cat’s eyes?

Tear stains are the bane of Persian cats and exotic cats. They are not pretty. They make your cat look sick and unwell even though Kitty just has issues with tear drainage that are typical of the breed.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. A natural tear stain remover by Paw Choice.


tear-stain-removerIt’s made of natural ingredients, specifically purified water, coconut oil and plant-derived glycerin. This gentle formula allows you to clean around the cat’s sensitive eye area. All you have to do is shake the bottle, spray a little bit of the liquid on a clean cloth or cotton ball and then very gently wipe the area. You should wipe away from the eye and make sure not to touch the eyes themselves.

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If your cat isn’t a Persian or Exotic (shorthaired Persian) and you’re seeing tear stains you should talk to your vet about it. You can could have a medical problem with tear drainage that needs addressing (it’s called epiphora in vet lingo).

Read more about tear stains in cats, what causes them and how to treat and prevent the situation.


The Feline Fantasy Brush

It may not be an effective replacement for a good grooming brush, but it can provide stimulation, fun and some hair combing benefits for cats. One of those things that make you wonder how come nobody had come up with this before?

The Feline Fantasy Brush has a simple enough concept. A comfortable perch with a bow shaped brush stuck into it. The idea is to allow your cat to naturally rub against the brush on both sides, effectively combing its coat on its own.

Reviews show that while cats couldn’t be bothered, many cats do enjoy spending time in this self-brushing contraption.  I think the fun factor alone is worth the investment. Like using a scratching post, rubbing against objects provides your cat with a way to mark its territory, hence making her or him more secure and relaxed.

So, if you want to give your cat that extra grooming touch, while keeping her or him entertained, click here check out the Feline Fantasy Brush.

Discount Frontline for Cats

Even indoors-only cats get the fleas, as the song goes.

Ok, the song isn’t about that exactly, but still spring is upon us and that can mean fleas are upon our cats. A flea can jump on a person and gets a ride indoors. All it takes is one pregnant female and voila – within days you have a full blown flea infestation on your hands.

The key is in prevention and/or early treatment. And the tool for the job is Frontline. Never be tempted to buy cheap substitutes – the cheap flea treatments are usually too strong for felines and can be very harmful. Stick to Frontline – safe and effective for cats – and carefully follow the dosages.

And now, to the best news of all. This miracle in an easy-to-use applicator is currently on sale at Amazon. That means a whopping 47% discount! Hurry up and order a couple of packages – they could last you until the end of summer, depending on how many cats you have.

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DermaPet MalAcetic Otic – Ear Cleaner for Pets

If your cat is susceptible to some wax and dirt build-up in the ear, now’s the best time for you to be buying the DermaPet ear cleaner, because they have knocked the price down by 54% over at Amazon’s!

You can use this all natural solution for routine cleansing of the feline outer ear. Of course, never venture any deeper into the ears! Gently fold the ear outwards, and use a small cotton ball to gently clean the inner side of the ear flap only. Stay away from the ear canal – if you see dirt in there, it’s time to visit your vet who will check for ear mites and guide you about further treatment.

If all you need is routine cleaning of the outer ear, hurry up and get the best quality product for less than half the price right here.

CET Chews for Cats

If you’re like me, you can appreciate the joys of chewing a fresh piece of spearmint gum after a meal. When a toothbrush is not available, these chewing experiences can be just as refreshing. They’re good for your teeth too.

Well, your cat can enjoy the benefits of a similar  treatment too. It didn’t take the makers of this product, CET, a lot of research to figure out spearmint will not be the flavor of choice either 😉 So, fish flavor it is, but just as soft and chewy, releasing plaque-fighting enzymes for a thorough treatment that prevents the buildup of bacteria on your cat’s teeth.

CET suggests that you use this product on a daily basis, as part of routine home dental care for felines, or when your regular cat toothbrush is not available. For your cat though, this can be just a fun daily fish-flavored treat – the fresh breath and good strong teeth are just a side benefit!

You can read more about this innovative product, its contents and uses on the product page here – this is also where you can order this product at a great price from Amazon.

Zymox Ear Cleanser

Ear infections in cats can bring about a state of chronic inflammation of the ears, resulting in some icky stuff in your cat’s ears. This is where an ear cleanser like Zymox becomes handy.

However, a word of caution here:  if you suspect any form of ear problems with your furry friend, ALWAYS consult a vet. Some things you just cannot see without the use of a microscope. Even ear mites, while larger than bacteria or viruses, are still not visible to the naked eye. Only your vet can diagnose ear problems and recommend a course of treatment, which may or may not include use of an ear cleanser.

So, who is this product for? It’s for owners of cats that have chronic ear conditions, where a qualified veterinarian recommends use of an ear cleanser. This is when you need the Zymox bottle in your medicine cabinet.

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