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Kit-Cat Clock

These whimsical cat clocks are all the rage, and quite well-known among cat lovers.  Their retro look, here in black and white, is hard to ignore. Especially not when this wall cat keeps moving its huge eyes and wagging that black tail…

It’s called the Kit Kat or Kit Cat Clock and makes a great addition to any room. This sleek plastic moving work of art will add a touch of humor to any office, study, kids room or even kitchen. Its versatility makes it a great gift idea too, so if you’re on the hunt for a cool cat-related gift that is bound to bring a smile and be used for years to come, this clock may be the right thing for you to buy.

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Peeping Tom Cat Wall Sculpture

It’s not easy finding cat art that has both a trendy black-and-white look and a fun whimsical aspect too. This one is whimsical in more than one way too.

It’s the very concept of a wall sculpture that’s so fresh and entertaining. Where you would expect to find a painting, you find a three dimensional sculpture instead, and a metal one at that. While shaped as a rectangular picture, it actually tricks the eye with its black frame, and looks almost like a window planted in your living room wall.

And then you have the look on the face of the cat, peeping at you from within that fake “window” with eager feline eyes, almost looking for mischief.

A very unique piece of art, lightweight and sturdy, that makes a great and original gift for any cat lover, or a decorative statement in your home.

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Cat Design iPod Skin Decal Sticker

iPods and cats are alike:

Small and smart.

Magnificent masterpieces of design.

Hip and cool and we get addicted to them.

It just makes sense to display your admiration for everything feline on your Apple iPod touch 2G, especially when this iPod skin decal sticker comes in such a lovely design! It is practical too, protecting your iPod from scratches and easy to stick on (no bubbles!) and to peel off, should you ever want to replace it with a different design.

For the extra cool effect, use the attached code that comes with this product and download the matching wallpaper!

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Guard Cat Warning Sign

This sign would be perfect for our household, owned and supervised by a beautiful Torbie female with a lot of attitude. She’s the sweetest angel, if you know how to handle her, but she most certainly has a cranky side and has been known to be, ummm, less angelic, at times.

I’m not saying this sign should be taken as a serious warning measures for guests. It can be a good trigger for conversation on your ever favorite topic: your cats – or just make visitors smile. It makes a great gift too, for any cat lover, especially one with a cranky Kitty and a sense of humor.

The sign is sturdy and made for outdoors use, though you can display it indoors as well.

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