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cat socks

Cat Crew Cotton Socks

Cats, cats everywhere! And why not on our paws, erm, I mean feet! As cat lovers we want to see those cute whiskered faces everywhere. I know I do. There’s something about the feline face that brings a smile to my own and in the case of these soft comfy socks, the feline faces are actually smiling underneath the whiskers so it’s a double win! Smiles and purrs, right on your feet!

cat socks

These socks come in an adorable gift package. There are four pairs of them, each in a different color combination so the lucky recipient – which could absolutely be yourself – can wear a different kitty each morning and have time to machine-wash the used ones. It’s a one-size fits most deal, so women with shoes size 5-10 or men with size 5.5.-7.5 will find them comfortable and easy to wear. Being 100% cotton, these socks are perfect for everyday use, soft, light and sweat-absorbent which is great to prevent unwanted foot odor.


Fun to wear with¬†anything informal, though I can imagine even under a very formal suit they would be lots of fun. Can you imagine your banker pulling up the pants above his ankles to reveal a pair of funny cat socks? I would seriously sign any form he’d want me too if he’s wearing those! Like a secret handshake for cat lovers ūüėÄ

Check them out on Amazon and get a package for yourself and hey, maybe one for your banker as well ūüėČ


Beautiful Cat Daum Glass Figurines

This is probably one of the highest priced items I’ve covered in this blog so far, but I think it’s worth the price tag.

They are unique and genuine, handcrafted glass figurines by the Daum, an established French line of glass artwork.

These twin kitties in yellow and brown are a collectible item and an investment, that will be cherished for generations to come.

If you’re looking for an upscale exclusive gift to a friend, or for an¬†extraordinary¬†item for a personal collection, these kitties are indeed the cat’s meow!

Click to get the pair at Amazon, where you’re guaranteed a positive shopping experience.

Purrfect Cat Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the ultimate care package. You send them to someone to say “I care”. Why not do that for a special cat in your life?
Purr-fectly Spoiled Cat Gift Basket
I’ve seen it so many times on our forums on TheCatSite.com – cat lovers tormented by a saga of cat illness or injury. Their kitty is in their heart and on their mind, their life thrown upside down by the crisis. If you have a close friend or family member going through a similar situation, imagine how much they would appreciate this wonderful pick-me-up basket?

Here’s whats inside¬†¬†the Large Paw Print Motif Box Container¬†for the feline member (or members) of the family –

  • Little LuLu‚Äôs Fish & Chips 8 oz.
  • Grandma Lucy‚Äôs Cat Treats 4 oz.
  • Cat Treats gift box with Toy 6.5 oz.
  • Cool Cat Treats 1 oz.
  • Fish Out Of Water 1/3 oz.
  • Kitty Kaviar .5 oz.
  • Three Bathed Mice in Catnip in a platinum tin
  • Pussy Cat Pleasers Treats .8 oz.
  • Cat Crazies Cat Treats in Milk Jug 8 oz.
  • Furry Mouse Toy

This assorted collection of quality treats is bound to make any injured or ill cat feel better. Of course, depending on the cat’s medical condition, some treats may have to be postponed for later… but others may be just the thing to jump start a failing appetite. Either way, it shows your utmost support to a worried owner and shows her or him that you realize this is about the cat.

You can order this magnificent basket from the Cats Play website here. They have awesome products and an even “awesomer” customer service – highly recommended!

Wagging Cat Tail Pendulum Clock

It’s not difficult to see why this¬†black cat pendulum wall clock is a hit among ailurophiles!

I have seen other clock designed to have a pendulum as a wagging cat’s tail, but this one I find to be ¬†much more attractive. That antiquated whitewashed look with the brown metal hands is an absolute classic.

That sleek black cat seems almost like its smiling too, doesn’t he? I think it’s a great gift for cat lovers, especially those with a passion for black cats.

Get this beautiful timeless piece right here on Amazon.

Cat Cookies… For the Humans

Who says it should always be cat treats? how about some treats for the humans in our favorite felines’ lives?

If you’re looking for an original gift for cat lovers, I have found just the one for you today! A lovely basket arrangement of unique handmade cat-themed cookies. These adorable kitties are only too edible, made in the great culinary tradition of all of Clever Cookie’s pastries.

The good news, for those concerned with excessive calorie consumption is that the cookies are pretty enough to make the recipient want to keep them as a decorative element.  They should be consumed and enjoyed, but hopefully in a moderate pace, to allow for a rather long lasting effect.

The¬†Clever Cookie bakers have been making these exquisite shortbread cookie delights for over two decades now, and come recommended by leading magazines and TV shows. To fine this cat basket on their website, click here to get to their main page, then enter “cat lovers” in the search box.

Bon Apetite!

Personalized Pet Photo Blanket

I love personalized gifts, especially when they feature our pets. Giving someone an item portraying their beloved cat or dog is saying you know them well, and you know what THEY love in their life.

This purrrsenolized blanket is just the cat’s meow of personalized gifts! Not some cheap print of the cat, but a computer-generated image that is woven into a blanket. It’s as personalized and unique as it gets and is certain to become a family heirloom, celebrating a much loved feline family member for generations to come.

Click here for the full product page

You provide the image via the web and receive a high-quality 100% hypoallergenic woven blanket measuring 40″ by 60″. You can even have text added, so the cat’s name, date of birth, or any other text will be embedded in your blanket.

Oh, and pssst… you can certainly gift one to yourself! Show the world how much you adore your cat by having a huge print of her as a bed cover!

Click here for more information about this unique product or to make your order