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Personalized Cat Necklace

Mom and Me Personalized Pet Necklace
This gorgeous cat necklace is going to look so wonderful on your cat, complete with her/his name on it, of course!

It’s custommade from a mix of rhinestones, sterling silver letters and Swarovski crystals – good vibes for your Feng Shui as your cat walks around!

What I liked most about this product, is the maker’s attention to safety – keeping it clear that this necklace is no replacement for a collar and that your cat should not be left unattended while wearing it. They even acknowledge the fact that not all cats take well to wearing jewelry and recommend ways in which to get your cat used to wearing it. To me, that shows there’s someone who truly cares about our felines there – and that counts!

It’s an awesome gift too, for any cat lover – showing them how much you care about their special furkid!

Read the full instructions and order that beautiful item for your cat right here.

A Genuine Jim Shore: Angel with a Cat

Ginger tabbies are always a sweet sight. No cat lover will be surprised to see this angel hugging one!

This 8″ tall sculpture by Jim Shore is from the Heartwood Creek collection. It is a great example of that unique Jim Shore attention to detail and use of intricate colorful patterns. Uniquely designed for cat lovers, this stone resin figurine is simply a purrrfect artistic home decor item.

Currently priced at just under $20 over at Amazon, here’s your chance to gift someone a beautiful collector’s item! Anyone collecting angel themed figurines and/or cat themed figurines will absolutely adore this beautiful sculpture. In fact, why not get it for the most special person of them all – you!

Click here for more details and great shipping deals on Amazon

Gemini Cat Lovers Gift: Twin Cats Charm

Looking for a birthday gift for a dear Gemini? I have the purrfect idea for you:

This polish finish sterling silver pendant features twin cats, in a sleek and elegant design. The diamond cut marcasite is cleverly used for creating the “opposite attract” theme, making this a unique and beautiful gift for anyone of the twin zodiac sign.

It’s affordable too. Check the price here on Amazon and prepare to be surprised. Great quality, beautiful idea implemented to purrfection at a great price – what else can you ask for? Oh, and you can get it for yourself too – even if you’re not a Gemini (we won’t tell!).

Click here for full details and current price

Laurel Burch Decorative Pillow

If you’re looking for two matching gorgeous designer decorative pillows, here’s an awesome unique idea. Laurel Burch has three beautiful pillows in this set, two of them depicting cats (the third is horse theme, if you are an equine lover as well – you may want to add that one as well).

The first pillow displayed here is called Wild Cats and it features six enigmatic feline faces in a variety of colors, patterns and designs.

Its feline counterpart has a “softer touch”, with six domesticated kitties. They are just as intriguing in their variety of patterns and shades though.

cat pillow

Both pillows are oblong in shape and sized 13 x 24″. They feature high quality embroidery that will last for generations with the right care. The Santa Fe style is great for any room, adding a special American touch to your living room or bedroom.

You can get each one separately, or buy a pair here on Amazon. They make a gorgeous gift as well, to any cat lover, and if you buy the pair, shipping is free! Click here now for more details on this decorative item.

Brown Tabby Maine Coon Cat Angel

Some gifts can be very specific. For example, this little Maine Coon angel. See, some people are huge Maine Coon fans. They can either be Maine Coon breeders, owners of one of these huge cats, or just in love with this unique breed’s looks and character. If you need to gift a Maine Coon lover, then this miniature could be the purrfect gift:

The angels theme can be just to show off your concept of felines – always perfect to a T and always angelic. Of course, when fitting, it could mean more… a forever kitty that has crossed the bridge, perhaps. The makers actually suggest using this miniature as a cat themed Christmas tree decoration, or you can remove the string to display this on a shelf or mantle.

Great for any cat figurines or angel figurines collection – this 2 inches tall hand-painted item will be cherished for generations. These are only $6.99 each on Amazon right now, and you can have them ship directly to a dear one. Click here to check for more details.

Delightful Cat Treat Jar

Still in the mood for pretty gifts for cat lovers, I found this absolutely lovely glass jar:

This delightful jar can make an absolutely wonderful unique gift for any cat lover. It’s the kind of collector’s item that lasts forever, both practical and beautiful.

Top quality octagonal glass jar with a polished aluminum top that comes with a rubber gasket for a tight seal. The top has a beautifully carved cat, playfully looking at a dangling fish.

The makers of this jar, Arthur court designs, recommend this jar for cat treats storage. It does make sense, although this pretty vessel can be used for pretty much anything. In fact, you can give fill it up, either with cat treats or simply chocolate or candy and then gift it to someone special.

This jar is not cheap, currently priced at $65 at Amazon, but it truly is an upscale gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone with an eye for feline-themed collector’s items. I should also mention that a portion of the sales goes towards funding Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation.

Click for more details on Amazon