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Flensted Feline Cats Mobile

When I first laid eyes on the title of this post, I was wondering what kind of a phone they were talking about…

Yet this wonderful mobile has nothing electronic about it. It brings back the original meaning of the word mobile, and in the 21st century, I find that refreshing.

Yes, we’re talking about a home decor item, where sleek dark feline shadows dance in delicate circles along three colorful balls. This one is an original Flensted mobile, a collector’s item, handmade in Denmark by a company that’s been making mobiles for over fifty years.

Carefully balanced, this work of art is designed to be constantly moving, drawing the eye to its elegant cats and adding an element of streaming motion in the room. It’s distinctly NOT a baby’s mobile, perfect for a grown-up room decor where you want to bring forward your love for everything feline. What a great gift idea, original and all cat!

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Quilted Cat Throw for a Warm Winter

Another great gift idea for the Holidays! I don’t know too many cat lovers who aren’t into crafts, or at least enjoy the end result. Quilts seem to be very popular, perhaps because they are useful, and not just very pretty. This one, by designer Jim Shore, certainly is both.

It’s 100% cotton for a nice soft texture and is fairly large at 51 by 68 inches. The design is the main attraction, obviously. Using warm colors and lovely geometric patterns, it depicts three cats, each against a different background color. While using blue, green and red, the hues are all muted and share a warm characteristic that makes them blend in beautifully.

This quilt is unique in its design and will appeal to any cat lovers. You can get it for yourself, of course, of warm up winter nights for a close friend or relative. Being an original Jim Shore design, it is special enough to be hanged on the wall for display, yet its warm design means it’ll be just the perfect throw to lay over your bed or sofa. This one is going to be a family heirloom in any home where cats are loved.

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How to Win a Collector’s Heart with a Cat

Well, yes, if said collector is also a cat lover, it can be easy enough, with more than one option. The one this post is about definitely is a winner:

A real Lenox fine china vase, beautifully detailed and trimmed with 24-carat gold. More importantly, it features a sweet little ivory cat, holding up the case as if it were a ball of yarn. The design is delicate yet whimsical, measuring 6.5 inches in height and 5 inches in base width.

Not only is the vase decorated with bas-relief flowers, but it also comes with the faux silk bouquet. It is beautiful, a work of art, and a classic by Lenox, making it a unique item for any china collector, or, even better, a collector of feline-themed decor items.

I know it looks expensive, but check out the price and details on Amazon – the affordability really struck me with this one. Who would have thought this lovely item will be available at under $30?? Hurry up though, the price is right for the day of posting, and they only have four of these vases left. Great gift for the Holidays!

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Fun With Your Cat Science Kit

Looking for a great gift for kids who love cats? Well, actually, I know many grownup cat lovers who are going to love this Kitty Kit… The name sounds a bit scary, I know my cats would have been intimidated by the prospects of combining cats, experiments and kids, but this one is perfectly cat-safe and as the manufacturer puts it “non-invasive”.

This happy looking package holds a multitude of components that allow users to make catnip toys, build special glasses to see the world the same way the cat does, and just information and suggestions for ways to observe and dechipher feline behavior.

This kit is marked for kids aged six and above, but young children should be accompanies while working with this kit. They may be able to understand the explanations, but their interaction with any cat should be supervised to prevent unpleasant events. While some cats may be accommodating subjects of “research”, other felines may feel uncomfortable even if just stared at for too long. This is where you need to step in as the responsible adult and make sure no stress is caused to the cat at any stage.

Other than that, this seems like a good way to promote better understanding between kids and cats, and to teach children about this fascinating animal which we all admire so much.

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Egyptian temple cats oil warmer

This adorable oil warmer is just a purrfect gift for any spiritually-inclined cat lover that’s into aromatherapy. Majestic black Egyptian cat statues support the glass saucer where you can pour your favorite oil and warm it up to create a softly scented atmosphere in any room.

This is a great little addition to anyone who burns incense and warms oil to create a special mystical atmosphere, be it for a therapeutic massage, meditation or just to set the right mood.

The entire design really brings forth the Egyptian theme, with “hieroglyphs” carved into the solid base, and the slender, typically Egyptian, forms of the three black cats. It is a unique item, one that could make a wonderful gift for the right person, for any occasion.

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Kit-Cat Clock

These whimsical cat clocks are all the rage, and quite well-known among cat lovers.  Their retro look, here in black and white, is hard to ignore. Especially not when this wall cat keeps moving its huge eyes and wagging that black tail…

It’s called the Kit Kat or Kit Cat Clock and makes a great addition to any room. This sleek plastic moving work of art will add a touch of humor to any office, study, kids room or even kitchen. Its versatility makes it a great gift idea too, so if you’re on the hunt for a cool cat-related gift that is bound to bring a smile and be used for years to come, this clock may be the right thing for you to buy.

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