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Plush Mouse Cat Toy

Best Plush Toy Mice For Cats

A cat can never have too many toy mice.

It’s really as simple as that. Which is why getting a bunch of them is a very smart thing to do, especially if you have more than one cat. Here’s a great deal on Amazon that can get you 36 of quality plush toy mice at a great price.

Plush Mouse Cat Toy

As you can see, each toy mouse here is a fully-designed toy in its own right. You would pay a few bucks for each of these at the toy store, wouldn’t you? They’re pretty, fluffy, plush and the right size for Kitty to grab in her mouth and run around the house with.

If you’ve owned a cat for a while, you know how that goes though. A single mouse is bound to disappear. Some cats simply shred their toy mice apart. Others will grab their toy and hide it out of sight. You may find their secret stash some day, or you may not, but either way, those toys are out of sight and out of mind and Kitty gets bored without a fresh one. Some cats don’t even bother to hide their pretend prey and just let it lay there, all dead for them. They need fresh stimuli just like they would need a fresh live prey to hun.

That’s why rotating their toys is crucial, and with a selection of thirty-six different mice, you can do that easily. Cats don’t really mind those pretty colors – those are for us, the humans, to enjoy – but they will still sense the freshness of the toy and the fact that it hasn’t been “killed to death” 😉 in their mouth before. Also, if your cat is a notorious cat toy destroyer, this is a good way to save some money and get a good stock to begin with.

Last, but not least, with 36 pieces, you’re all set up for gifts for your friends’ kitties! Just make sure you give them a new one, still with its cardboard attached and not one that your own Kitty has already carried in its mouth.

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Purrfect Cat Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the ultimate care package. You send them to someone to say “I care”. Why not do that for a special cat in your life?
Purr-fectly Spoiled Cat Gift Basket
I’ve seen it so many times on our forums on TheCatSite.com – cat lovers tormented by a saga of cat illness or injury. Their kitty is in their heart and on their mind, their life thrown upside down by the crisis. If you have a close friend or family member going through a similar situation, imagine how much they would appreciate this wonderful pick-me-up basket?

Here’s whats inside  the Large Paw Print Motif Box Container for the feline member (or members) of the family –

  • Little LuLu’s Fish & Chips 8 oz.
  • Grandma Lucy’s Cat Treats 4 oz.
  • Cat Treats gift box with Toy 6.5 oz.
  • Cool Cat Treats 1 oz.
  • Fish Out Of Water 1/3 oz.
  • Kitty Kaviar .5 oz.
  • Three Bathed Mice in Catnip in a platinum tin
  • Pussy Cat Pleasers Treats .8 oz.
  • Cat Crazies Cat Treats in Milk Jug 8 oz.
  • Furry Mouse Toy

This assorted collection of quality treats is bound to make any injured or ill cat feel better. Of course, depending on the cat’s medical condition, some treats may have to be postponed for later… but others may be just the thing to jump start a failing appetite. Either way, it shows your utmost support to a worried owner and shows her or him that you realize this is about the cat.

You can order this magnificent basket from the Cats Play website here. They have awesome products and an even “awesomer” customer service – highly recommended!

Peek & Play Toy Box

Good cat toys and games imitate the thing which interests a feline most: hunting. Yup, even though your sweet kitty probably never laid eyes on live prey, let alone knows how to hunt, those instincts are still there, and proper cat play is the way to bring them to the surface safely and benefit from their implementation.

The Peek & Play Toy Box is a great way to do just that. It imitates what would be the natural way for a cat to hunt – seeking prey that’s hiding in small holes and tunnels. For the modern indoors-only cat, it provides a chance to exercise those sharp feline senses, and quickness of response. Entertainment is also the best cure for feline boredom – which is always a problem with indoors-only cats.

This toy is great because it lets you incorporate other toys, thus adjusting the use to your own cat’s preferences. Fur toy mice, squeaky balls or rattling ones, feathered toys or anything else that your cat craves, can be used with the Peek & Play box. In fact, it lets you make the most of existing toys, putting more value into them for you and your cat.

Highly recommended for the inquisitive feline – click here to find out more about this product and how you can mail order it from Amazon.

Box of 60 Zanies Real Fur Rattling Rainbow Mice in Cheese Box

Many cats go crazy for fur fake mice – my own included. They are sought-after prey, to be batted around at leisure, then picked up and carried in one’s feline mouth to… who knows where. We end up buying them new toy mice, and later find the shredded or squashed remains of the other mice stashed away somewhere around the house.

It’s a good thing these toy mice aren’t that expensive and easily replaceable. However, if they are a favorite toy in your household, you may consider getting them in bulk to lower the costs even further.

This Box of 60 Fur Rattling Rainbow Mice can be a great option. With sixty mice, all catnip-treated for extra appeal, you can easily use a couple of mice a week and have the box last for many months.

By the way, if you’re wrapping up a gift for a friend who has cats, one or two of these can make a great addition – sort of like a stocking filler for cats…

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Zig-N-Zag Ball Cat Toy

Most cats adore playing with small balls, batting them from side to side with their paws. The ball’s movement is usually quite predictable, so depending on Kitty’s mood, a few bats later, she may start losing interest. The Zig-n-Zag ball brings us a different angle on ball games. Literally, a different angle:

This unique ball is structured in a way that makes it move and spin around in unpredictable ways. No batteries required – the ball’s own weight keeps it going after an initial bat, or throw. Be sure to keep this ball in your cat toys box and pull it out every few days for a refreshing session of quite an extraordinary ball game.

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The Panic Mouse Cat Toy

While most cats enjoy playing with passive toys, they almost always prefer an interactive game, where someone holds the toy and moves it around for them. These fishing rod type toys are fun for Kitty to play with and for her humans to watch. It was only a matter of time before someone got tired of moving the toy around for his/her cat and thus the Panic Mouse was born!

The idea is simple enough. A motorized toy with a solid base and a fishing rod arm with a fake “mouse” dangling at the end. The Panic Mouse boasts a patented computer board that creates that erratic jerking motion which seems to drive cats insane. You can even tweak its movement and adjust the speed to your cat’s abilities.

With this kind of toy, seeing is believing, so here are some funny Panic Mouse Movies:

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Click to Get the Panic Mouse Now

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