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Your cat is in for a treat: Temptations MixUps

It may surprise some cat owners but the truth is not all cats like cat treats. Some cats tend to stick to one type of food and no other delicacy will get them to change their mind. That may sound like a good thing but it’s not. Nutritional variety is as important to our cats as it is to us. Sure, treats can rarely be considered to be health food but the very fact that your cat has more than one food source is actually a good idea. If your cat refuses to try foods other than one specific kind, it’s ok to try and tempt her by trying various kinds of treats, homemade or store-bought. These oceanic treats by Temptations are a good kind to try simply because they taste so good to cats.

temptations ocean treatsThey are crunchy on the outside yet have a soft yummy center. This line is called Surfer’s Delight and it’s all about the flavors of the ocean: tuna, shrimp, and salmon! The good thing about it is that it’s calorie-controlled. At only 2 calories a piece, you can allow Kitty a few treats a day.

Word of caution, that’s true for all cat treats: Don’t give too many treats. Even for a healthy adult cat, with no weight issues, you should not allow the total amount of treats in its diet exceed 10% of the total food intake. In fact, sticking to 5% is much safer. As delicious as these treats are, they contain a lot of highly-processed ingredients such as cornmeal, rice and yeast and are not a good base for wholesome nutrition.

Click to read more about how addictive treats can get and why you should limit your cat’s consumption of them in this article.

Which brings me back to these Temptations Mixups treats. One of the things I like best about it is this awesome container! You can easily seal it back after each use which means the treats stay fresh and crispy! That way you can limit consumption to 2-3 pieces a day and can offer fresh crunchy treats for weeks on end!

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Cat Treat Maze

One of the most common reasons for behavior problems in cats is boredom. Most of us keep our kitties indoors-only, providing our them with food, shelter, medical care and of course, lots of love. Perfect, right? Well, not if you’re a cat, genetically programmed to spend time everyday hunting for your food.

Enter environmental enrichment. Your cat will benefit hugely from having to work for his food, at least a little. This is what this Cat Treat Maze by Catit offers.

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

If your cat has no weight issues, just toss in a few treats and let Kitty figure out how to fish them out. If your cat is overweight and you’re trying to limit the amount of food consumed, it’s best to use some of the food allotted for him for the day. Kibble works perfectly for that end. If you’re feeding wet food only, consult your veterinarian about which treats to provide Kitty with, and how much of them you can give.

One thing is for sure, having to “hunt” for food or treats will keep your cat busy and happy!

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Purrfect Cat Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the ultimate care package. You send them to someone to say “I care”. Why not do that for a special cat in your life?
Purr-fectly Spoiled Cat Gift Basket
I’ve seen it so many times on our forums on TheCatSite.com – cat lovers tormented by a saga of cat illness or injury. Their kitty is in their heart and on their mind, their life thrown upside down by the crisis. If you have a close friend or family member going through a similar situation, imagine how much they would appreciate this wonderful pick-me-up basket?

Here’s whats inside  the Large Paw Print Motif Box Container for the feline member (or members) of the family –

  • Little LuLu’s Fish & Chips 8 oz.
  • Grandma Lucy’s Cat Treats 4 oz.
  • Cat Treats gift box with Toy 6.5 oz.
  • Cool Cat Treats 1 oz.
  • Fish Out Of Water 1/3 oz.
  • Kitty Kaviar .5 oz.
  • Three Bathed Mice in Catnip in a platinum tin
  • Pussy Cat Pleasers Treats .8 oz.
  • Cat Crazies Cat Treats in Milk Jug 8 oz.
  • Furry Mouse Toy

This assorted collection of quality treats is bound to make any injured or ill cat feel better. Of course, depending on the cat’s medical condition, some treats may have to be postponed for later… but others may be just the thing to jump start a failing appetite. Either way, it shows your utmost support to a worried owner and shows her or him that you realize this is about the cat.

You can order this magnificent basket from the Cats Play website here. They have awesome products and an even “awesomer” customer service – highly recommended!

CET Chews for Cats

If you’re like me, you can appreciate the joys of chewing a fresh piece of spearmint gum after a meal. When a toothbrush is not available, these chewing experiences can be just as refreshing. They’re good for your teeth too.

Well, your cat can enjoy the benefits of a similar  treatment too. It didn’t take the makers of this product, CET, a lot of research to figure out spearmint will not be the flavor of choice either 😉 So, fish flavor it is, but just as soft and chewy, releasing plaque-fighting enzymes for a thorough treatment that prevents the buildup of bacteria on your cat’s teeth.

CET suggests that you use this product on a daily basis, as part of routine home dental care for felines, or when your regular cat toothbrush is not available. For your cat though, this can be just a fun daily fish-flavored treat – the fresh breath and good strong teeth are just a side benefit!

You can read more about this innovative product, its contents and uses on the product page here – this is also where you can order this product at a great price from Amazon.

Purr-fectly Spoiled Cat Gift Basket

Have you ever been invited to a feline birthday party? Many of us celebrate birthdays and special occasions for and with our furbabies, and often invite like-minded guests. If you’re a cat-auntie looking for a great gift, you may want to consider a gift basket. It’s not very expensive and it is so special, adding to the festivities with its fancy gift basket setup.

It’s not just pretty either. This gift basket is full to the brim with cat goodies! It has so much cool and tasty stuff in it, it can be a good gift for an entire clan of cats sharing a home together, or a gift to a single cat that will last for weeks. The large container with the paw pattern printed on it comes packed with eight different kinds of top quality cat treats, as well as several cat toys – something for every cat’s taste.

Add your personalized message to this gift basket and have Amazon send it to your favorite cat. A great gift for a birthday, homecoming, new adoption, or for any other occasion in a cat’s nine lives!

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Gourmet Salmon Cat Treat

When you really want to pamper that special feline in your life, why not offer a healthy gourmet treat? You may have to experiment to find out exactly which flavor your cat prefers, but salmon is a popular choice with many cats. This Salmon fillet treat by Cats Go Crazee is a great way to introduce the flavor of wild Alaskan salmon into your cat’s diet:

This natural cat treat contains 100% fully cooked wild Alaskan salmon fillet. Rich in nutrients, including natural Omega fish oil, it comes sealed and ready to use. Order a pouch from Amazon and let your cat go crazee over healthy salmon!

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