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Liver Biscotti

The first thing that grabbed my attention with these treats are these packages:

Something about the brown paper bag wrapping, and the overall pleasing understated design that tells me these treats don’t rely on the package for you to pick them off the shelf. They want to be easily recognizable but they won’t jump at you with a bright shiny metallic colorful package, trusting the content to draw you to them like a magnet.

And they would do. We’re talking about a summit meeting of taste and good health. These are natural wholesome treats with no added preservatives. Bite sized and apparently very delicious, these are essentially dog treats that are good for small dogs, puppies and… cats!

With dogs, they use these for training purposes. With cats, we can just let our furry companions have a good time with the occasional treat of a fine liver biscotti.

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Fancy Feast Gourmet Treats

Experienced cat people are well familiar with Fancy Feast. Probably the most well known brand of quality gourmet cat food.

Fancy Feast Gourmet Treats Deal
Fancy Feast Gourmet Treats Deal

Canned like cat food, this is not the kind of treat you can just toss a few kibbles of on the floor. You feed Fancy Feast in a proper feeding dish and watch your cat devour it.

Amazon now offers you a special deal package of 12 cans of Fancy Feast at a very affordable price! With the latest Amazon Prime service, you don’t have to pay for delivery and this box will be at your home within 2 days. Can’t beat that – no gas or time to waste.

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