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Catch Of The Day: Yeowww! Catnip Fish Cat Toys in A Net

I love catnip toys for many reasons. One of them being the versatility of design. Fabric is a great medium that offers designers a variety of colors and textures with which they can create all sorts of shapes for catnip-filled toys. I’ve seen catnip toys shaped like bananas, cigars, stars, snakes, hedgehogs and so many other shapes. I’ve even seen some that cannot be mentioned in a family-friendly blog ūüėČ Obviously, the designs are meant for cat owners to enjoy too. The cats can appreciate the toy’s size and overall structure but we’re the one who can enjoy the sight of Kitty prowling around with a make-believe mouse in her mouth, or any other shape, mentionable or not.

toysbagYeowww! is a well-known and well-loved brand of catnip toys and I was happy to see this latest design because I think it brings together the two elements: A simple design for each toy, fish-shaped for a cat to easily grasp in its mouth, as well as a nifty concept for owners to enjoy: A bunch of fish in a single fishing net.

Each fish is a well-designed catnip toy. In the tradition of Yeowww! each fish is made of quality cotton fabric and  contains 100% organic catnip with no fillers. These fish keep their catnip allure for months, providing your cat with hours of playtime.

The fact that you have six fish in the net is great for toy rotation. Store them together in their netting and give your cat different fish every day, to keep him or her interested in them for a long while. Stash the entire net in your cat toys box and the aroma of quality organic catnip will give a nice boost to other toys as well.

Word of caution –

Some cats may find the net itself as fascinating as the fish, especially considering the strong catnip scent. Don’t let Kitty play with the net unsupervised and if your cat is a chewer, it’s best to keep the net out of reach altogether.

You can now get this awesome bundle of fish delivered by Amazon right to your doorstep, so no need to teach Kitty how to fish, just get them for her yourself!

Scratch ‘n Massage Bed

Cats scratch objects. It’s simply part of being a cat, and serves many needs and interests. Cats scratch not only to sharpen their claws, but also to mark their territory and even to relieve stress.

Your cat may get the urge to scratch at any time, but often it is right before or after taking one of those long deep cat naps. Very likely, the scratching behavior displayed on these occasions is simply part of a real good stretch. That’s why it makes sense to position scratching posts near your cat’s favorite napping spots.

Which begs the idea of combining a cat bed and scratching post –

Ingenious really. Layers of thick sturdy cardboard, treated with irresistible catnip oil, ensure a long-lasting cat bed and scratching post in one. Reviewers rave about this unit, and at this price, it’s a great addition to any household with cats.

Click to order the Scratch & Massage Bed from Amazon

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Purrfect Cat Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the ultimate care package. You send them to someone to say “I care”. Why not do that for a special cat in your life?
Purr-fectly Spoiled Cat Gift Basket
I’ve seen it so many times on our forums on TheCatSite.com – cat lovers tormented by a saga of cat illness or injury. Their kitty is in their heart and on their mind, their life thrown upside down by the crisis. If you have a close friend or family member going through a similar situation, imagine how much they would appreciate this wonderful pick-me-up basket?

Here’s whats inside¬†¬†the Large Paw Print Motif Box Container¬†for the feline member (or members) of the family –

  • Little LuLu‚Äôs Fish & Chips 8 oz.
  • Grandma Lucy‚Äôs Cat Treats 4 oz.
  • Cat Treats gift box with Toy 6.5 oz.
  • Cool Cat Treats 1 oz.
  • Fish Out Of Water 1/3 oz.
  • Kitty Kaviar .5 oz.
  • Three Bathed Mice in Catnip in a platinum tin
  • Pussy Cat Pleasers Treats .8 oz.
  • Cat Crazies Cat Treats in Milk Jug 8 oz.
  • Furry Mouse Toy

This assorted collection of quality treats is bound to make any injured or ill cat feel better. Of course, depending on the cat’s medical condition, some treats may have to be postponed for later… but others may be just the thing to jump start a failing appetite. Either way, it shows your utmost support to a worried owner and shows her or him that you realize this is about the cat.

You can order this magnificent basket from the Cats Play website here. They have awesome products and an even “awesomer” customer service – highly recommended!

Scratch ‘n Play Ramp for Cats with Catnip

You can never have enough scratching posts, especially with a new cat under your roof. You see, different cats have different tastes when it comes to scratching posts. Textures, angles and size all come into account. Location too. In fact, you may have to experiment for a while, try different posts for size. Here’s where this ramp fits right in:

The corrugated cardboard surface appeals to many cats, young and old. A combination of organic catnip and a dangling toy is always a good for attracting a curious feline. All in all, with this Scratch ‘n Play ramp, you will be offering your cat another great spot where it’s ok for her or him to sharpen their claws.

The lovely design makes this post great for every area of your home and the scratching block is actually reversible, so when one side wears down, you can just flip it over.

Click here for tips on how to choose the best scratching posts and how to train your cat to use them or check the Scratching Posts section on Meowhoo.com for more sellers and makers of posts.

Click for more details and price on the product features here: Fat Cat Big Mama’s Scratch ‘n Play Ramp for Cats with Catnip

Box of 60 Zanies Real Fur Rattling Rainbow Mice in Cheese Box

Many cats go crazy for fur fake mice – my own included. They are sought-after prey, to be batted around at leisure, then picked up and carried in one’s feline mouth to… who knows where. We end up buying them new toy mice, and later find the shredded or squashed remains of the other mice stashed away somewhere around the house.

It’s a good thing these toy mice aren’t that expensive and easily replaceable. However, if they are a favorite toy in your household, you may consider getting them in bulk to lower the costs even further.

This Box of 60 Fur Rattling Rainbow Mice can be a great option. With sixty mice, all catnip-treated for extra appeal, you can easily use a couple of mice a week and have the box last for many months.

By the way, if you’re wrapping up a gift for a friend who has cats, one or two of these can make a great addition – sort of like a stocking filler for cats…

Click for more details and price