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Black Cat Decor

Black cat lovers are going to love this one! I always felt black cats is a great theme for home decor – they’re elegant, as all cats are, and a touch of black can add a nice dramatic touch to your home decor.

Ok, so it’s a trash can, but it’s a great addition to any room decorated in feline themes. I like its colors as well, so if you need a touch of purple or black, this one is purrfect!


It’s also a great match for the cat wall clock from our previous post… Definitely similar art deco touches.

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The Wall Kat Clock

With the New Year upon us, you are probably full of thoughts about new year resolutions. Well, to make any of them happen, time management is imperative – and what better way to keep track of the time with a cat wall clock?



Yes, it’s the famous Wall Kat Clock. You either love it or hate it, and apparently most people choose the former, as this retro piece of time-telling gadgetry has been a top-seller for years on end, literally. It’s so retro, it reminds me more of an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, than a cat. Ooops, did I just mention the M word?

It definitely is an eye-catcher, even more so in real life than in this picture which is lacking this clock’s most prominent feature: movement. Imagine this one constantly moving its tail and eyes, and you can easily see why it has a presence that you simply cannot ignore. This one is bound to remind you of the time at any given moment.

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Beautiful Cat Daum Glass Figurines

This is probably one of the highest priced items I’ve covered in this blog so far, but I think it’s worth the price tag.

They are unique and genuine, handcrafted glass figurines by the Daum, an established French line of glass artwork.

These twin kitties in yellow and brown are a collectible item and an investment, that will be cherished for generations to come.

If you’re looking for an upscale exclusive gift to a friend, or for an extraordinary item for a personal collection, these kitties are indeed the cat’s meow!

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Unique Modern Cat Bed

I always appreciate cat beds that are designed with scratching in mind. Most cats like to stretch when they wake up from a long slumber and there’s nothing like a good nail sharpening scratch when you stretch now, is there?

This beautiful cat bed, with its sleek modern curved design is absolutely perfect in that respect, as this kitty clearly demonstrates.

Check the details on this one – a classic, in structure, color, you name it. Absolutely gorgeous. It will look great in your house and your cat will absolutely love it too.

You can get this item at Amazon and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Your cat will thank you! Ok, cat don’t really thank us, but your cat will be happy and that’s what counts!

Wagging Cat Tail Pendulum Clock

It’s not difficult to see why this black cat pendulum wall clock is a hit among ailurophiles!

I have seen other clock designed to have a pendulum as a wagging cat’s tail, but this one I find to be  much more attractive. That antiquated whitewashed look with the brown metal hands is an absolute classic.

That sleek black cat seems almost like its smiling too, doesn’t he? I think it’s a great gift for cat lovers, especially those with a passion for black cats.

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Personalized Pet Photo Blanket

I love personalized gifts, especially when they feature our pets. Giving someone an item portraying their beloved cat or dog is saying you know them well, and you know what THEY love in their life.

This purrrsenolized blanket is just the cat’s meow of personalized gifts! Not some cheap print of the cat, but a computer-generated image that is woven into a blanket. It’s as personalized and unique as it gets and is certain to become a family heirloom, celebrating a much loved feline family member for generations to come.

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You provide the image via the web and receive a high-quality 100% hypoallergenic woven blanket measuring 40″ by 60″. You can even have text added, so the cat’s name, date of birth, or any other text will be embedded in your blanket.

Oh, and pssst… you can certainly gift one to yourself! Show the world how much you adore your cat by having a huge print of her as a bed cover!

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